My name is Jeffrey Yeomans and I am an author and leadership life coach living in Canada. I am here to help you better understand personal development and leadership coaching.

I am a passionate person who will go the extra mile and always try to over-deliver. I truly believe that knowledge is power. Everyone should always be improving themselves and/or their business, no matter what stage of life they’re in. Whether it’s to develop a better mindset or to increase profits with business coaching. Moving forward is key.

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What is Personal Growth Coaching?

Personal growth is a form of coaching that focuses entirely on the self. This style of coaching aims to evaluate and assess your current strengths and weaknesses in order to improve a certain aspect of life.

Just as an athlete would have a coach to push and support them, a personal development coach is there to make you feel at ease and confident in your life. You deserve to be happy and proud of where you are; a coach will help you achieve that happiness and develop any skills you wish to improve.

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How do Personal Growth Sessions work?

Personal development is about increasing your self-awareness. I aim to pull out your strengths and weaknesses in order to identify the potential that already exists within you. This is often accomplished through a series of questions designed to help you recognize, accept and build upon your strengths and weaknesses.

In a sense, developing the self is like a spring clean. When cleaning your home, you will often go through each room, examining old memories and belongings, deciding whether you need them or not. Similarly, personal development is a way of improving one’s life by evaluating aspects of the self and putting them in order.

We well not offer direct advice and we will not tell you exactly what to do. What we will do is offer guidance and support through personal development plans and strategies, in order for you to practice and complete successful action steps at home.

These personalized plans will help you to begin the journey towards success and happiness.

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Build great relationships – make this your # 1 goal

I believe personal growth and development gives people an edge in life.
I believe the only way to live into your best life is by working on yourself.
I believe personal growth and development work is the ultimate path to happiness and fulfillment.

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I have the utmost respect for people who are committed to their own personal growth and development. They are typically successful, aware, self-reflective, motivated and interesting people. If you’re reading this now, you’re probably one of them!

Some people are innately drawn to being the best version of themselves, and not afraid to take an honest look at themselves, learn through books, audios and home study programs or seek the support of a professional life coach.
Some people get nudged (or shoved!) on the path of personal growth after a jolting life challenge – unexpected lay-off, divorce, death of a loved one, life threatening illness, accident, becoming a parent, serious confrontation or just happen to wake up to a “there has to be more to life than this…”
Some say “people don’t change.” After working with 1000’s of people, I’ve witness transformations over and over again. But, it’s always accompanied by a commitment to personal growth.

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Personal growth is any ‘development activity that improves awareness and identity, develops talents, strengths and potential, builds human capital, enhances employability, enhances quality of life and contributes to the realization of dreams and goals.

  • Personal development includes the following activities:
  • improving self-awareness
  • improving self-knowledge
  • improving or learning new skills
  • becoming a self-leader
  • strengthening emotional muscles
  • learning to become more present
  • building or renewing identity/self-esteem
  • developing strengths or talents
  • improving wealth
  • spiritual development
  • identifying or improving potential
  • building employability or human capital
  • enhancing lifestyle or the quality of life
  • improving health
  • fulfilling aspirations
  • initiating a life enterprise or personal autonomy
  • defining and executing personal development plans
  • improving social abilities

It’s easy to see why personal growth is so popular in an economy that is more competitive than ever, and in a world becoming more and more conscious.

Yet, even with millions buying books and personal growth programs, not everyone is transforming their lives for the better. It’s one thing to take in wisdom, it’s a whole other thing to apply it to your life in a way that really works.

Personal growth and development work is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of courage, focus and discipline to make changes, integrate breakthroughs and insights and continuously evolve beyond self-limits.

Next Steps…

Be a good decision maker – use my example above as a good excuse to treat yourself to a coffee and test out your new skill!

Lead by example – become the person that inspires others to be the best they can be!

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