3 Tips To Help you deal With Change and Transition

Today I want to talk to you about how we can handle change. Now when I was younger, I hated the idea of change. I hated the idea of being able to not be able to control my life, and one thing my mom used to always say to me is Jeff, the only thing consistent in life is change. I hated this. I hated this to no end because when she used to say this, I instantly felt powerless, hopeless, unable to control anything, and the problem is, as I’ve gotten older that has not changed.

I still feel pretty uncomfortable with change and I think many of us deal with that situation where we feel uncomfortable. We hate it because in a lot of ways where change comes it comes to filled with fear.

It comes with feeling of being powerless. It comes with feeling of not having control, and so today I want to give you three tips that may help you deal with change.

Let us start with tip number one. Learn to be flexible and learn to embrace change. Many times when we first encounter change, our immediate reaction is to put up a defense. It is to protect ourselves and keep us as far away from change as possible. But in order for us to be happy in life and order for us to be able to fully accept life in all of its changes, you must learn to embrace change and learn to be flexible with change.

Tip number two is face your fears. Now we all have fears when it comes to change. For me, when I was a kid moving to a new school, always brought that fear  of having to meet new people, or having to deal with new teachers.  Also, having a difficult time readjusting to a new area.

When I was as an adult, I have different fears when it comes to change. We all have fears in general but when it comes to change there is certain things about the change itself. This makes us afraid, but if we can learn to embrace those fears and face them, we can become successful.

Tips To Help you deal With Change and TransitionWe can learn to be happy, even despite the fears themselves. So one thing I want to say is a great way to face fears is by writing down these fears. When you write down the fear on a piece of paper you take yourself out of the situation and be more objective. We can stop dwelling on it and being stuck by the fears and learn to let them go.

The final tip I want to leave with you is to focus on the things that you can control. Life will throw you a lot of different curveballs and your life will go a lot of different directions, directions you may not want life to go. It may go right when we want it to go left. It may take a U-turn when we want life to go straight. Change is inevitable.

Life is unstoppable. So, although we may not control the world around us, the weather, other people or situations as a whole, what we can control is our attitude and our actions.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re afraid and you know that change is inevitable, learn to control yourself. Like I said earlier, some of the most successful people in life are able to be flexible and able to face their fears and control, not the world around them but themselves.

They’re able to redirect their energies, their talents, and their abilities in ways that allow them to not get rid of change, but to get a leg up on change. Source : Youtube

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