A Results Coach is a professional in the “Art of Coaching”!

The Art Of Coaching

As a Results Coach, I am able to create dramatic, permanent and life-altering changes for you as my client. The only reason most peoples hire a coach like me is to help them achieve a goal or result and to create a path to success. Not some whimsical idea or suggested path to success, but an actual life-altering process that will create long lasting results! As a Results Coach, I work to develop a unique and powerful connection with you through our intake questionnaire and primary session that will produce both life and business results.

The Art Of Coaching

One of the unique characteristics of a Results Coach is the ability to analysis and breakdown any problem, challenge or issue that is preventing you from achieving a desired outcome. Most traditional coaches will deal with basic issues that are easy to recognize. They just let the client explain the problem and ‘coach’ them toward a solution. But a Results Coach I delve deeper by asking targeted and probing questions that will bring forward your inner success, hidden barriers and self-imposed limitations.

Many clients are willing to pay a huge coaching fee, when the learn how we can help them achieve their desired result! Many traditional coaches are reluctant to become active participants in the process of achieving a desired outcome for the client. They feel that this is beyond their role as a coach. Nothing could be further from the truth! A results Coach not only leads you to your Desired Outcome, we create the process and tools required for you to reach your objective. A Results Coach is therefore a active participant in your quest to achieve a Desired Outcome. While most traditional coaches will remain on the sidelines, a Results Coach becomes a central figure in your success.

Tradition coaches align themselves with their clients when they listen, empathize, ask questions, inspire and motivate. This is the art of coaching and as a Results Coach I will remove the veils that often obscure your vision. I refer to these as “The Seven Veils of Success” and describe them in great detail in during our coaching sessions. Once these veils are lifted or removed,you will see the problem or the goal that will allow you have the best life possible, and you will thank me for having a more focused approach than traditional coaches.

A Results Coach is a professional in the "Art of Coaching"! 1

Much of what distinguishes Results Coaches from the majority of traditional coaches are the focus questions that differentiate our approach to coaching. By being 100% goal-oriented and results-driven, every coaching session with a me as your Results Coach is a powerful process that resonates with your and exposes you to the full impact of coaching. By being ultra-focused on RESULTS, we use a step by step process and tools to propel you toward your Desired Outcome.

A Results Coach is highly successful when using a systematic approach to coaching. Every session is always prepared and delivered with a specific goal in mind. A Results Coach is also fully focused on the goals that the client wants to achieve and removes whatever barriers are in the way or maneuvers around any obstruction without ever losing sight of the destination ahead.

A Results Coach is a professional in the “Art of Coaching”!

The “Art of Coaching” is the application of all the tools, questions and documents that a Results Coach uses to help you achieve a Desired Outcome. A Results Coach provides the canvas upon which you must paint the image of your Desired Outcome!

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