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a82c4e_72b325538f14450ab7abed6c0a4d82b1Initiated Elder, International Certified Firewalk Trainer and Tantra Massage Therapist, Minister, Shamanic Practitioner, Diviner, Holistic Life Consultant, Quantum-Life Coach, Psychic Intuitive Healer, Transformational Healing, Elemental Rituals, Ceremony, Ancestor/Spirit work, Grief Specialist, Property Clearings, Quantum and Shamanic Apprenticeships, Sacred Tours to Costa Rica and Peru

Ann Sousa is the Founder of Healing the Global Village LLC and the thriving school of Anatomy of Quantum Healers and Shamanic Elemental Anatomy Medicine. Ann is an Initiated Elder in the Dagara medicine, Minister, Shamanic Practitioner, Diviner, Life Coach and an International Certified Firewalk Trainer/Instructor and Tantra Massage Therapist. Ann holds a degree in Mental Health and Science.​

Ann has done extensive work in the process of death and dying for the past 25 years and is an intuitive healer, channeling EN+R+GY with the ancestors and the quantum and universal laws. Ann has visited and traveled with Peruvian Shamans and leads Sacred Tours blended with Elemental Rituals and the unique experience of working with the medicine men and women in remote indigenous cultures of Peru and Costa Rica.​

Ann teaches the utilization of elemental anatomy of Earth, Water, Fire, Nature and Mineral and elemental numerology to bring about transformation and manifestation to path and purpose. Ann has intuitive abilities to track as a diviner karmic, past life and ancestral patterns to get to the root cause for solutions and results. Ann offers Quantum and Shamanic Apprenticeships (Individual/Community/Corporate).

At Healing the Global Village LLC, Ann’s goal is to assist you in bringing harmonic balance to all levels of your life and DNA being. Ann utilizes many techniques to bring about life-empowering transformation in the personal, professional and spiritual aspects of your life. She will assist you in tracking and resetting patterns and behaviors from your own lineage and redesigning your spiritual contracts. When we align with our path and purpose, there are profound shifts in our creativity and goals. Ann has seen how when we are in alignment to our own truths, the inner tracking work and depth of experience is transformational and life changing.

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