Action Coaching – Leading in the Work place

I want to talk a little bit to you tonight about taking action as you lead and coach in the work place!

I have had the privilege of having a fair bit of experience in leading and a being an action coach of people.

Along that journey there’s been certainly some things that have shaped my life and and the direction that my life has gone.

Action Coaching - Leading in the Work place 1When I started in a supervisory role, I didn’t know how to lead. I just knew that something had to be said, or something had to be done and someone had to step up and do it.

Probably to the time I was about 16 years of age, most of the sport teams I was involved with. I played a leadership role. I was an assistant captain or I was a captain, and what I came to realize was how much I enjoyed the opportunity to be in the leadership role.

How much I thrived under pressure that was being placed on me to be able to perform consistently or more consistently than most.  This provided a better opportunity for us to succeed. And I really began to enjoy the pressure as opposed to seeing it as something that was a deterrent to performance or something that I should be afraid of.

I can’t explain why to you. I just embraced it and I enjoyed it and in fact, as time wore on, I thrived on it.

Over the years I have developed from a worker on the floor, through to being the leader and leading by example, to being an action coach to other leaders.  I teach people how to do the things that needed to be done, and to read the cues within the environment, so they can assess things before actually acting on them.

So I was transitioning from worker, to leader, and now to coach within a work environment. Though my coaching I enable people to learn positive skills in terms of lifestyle and business choices they can use down the road.


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