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Hi, I’m Jeff Yeomans I am an accountability life coach specializing in coaching people like YOU. Our coaching system is safe, professional, and confidential. We support your leadership development and productivity using a step by step process. As a personal business coach, I am constantly doing market research to find out what you, as a business owner, needs to do well right now to succeed. I can help you advance your business or personal goals quickly and successfully. So I’d like to schedule a complimentary coaching session where I can learn a little bit more about you and what you’re doing well, and maybe even give you some suggestions to help you reach your goals in life and business.

So, please select a good time in the next week for us to meet?

You will learn to reach your goals and be a more effective leader.


Ah, we are starting with the big one right away! Life coaching is hands down the hottest niche in coaching and for good reason. Life coaches act as catalysts for you. No matter where you are stuck, as a life coach, we will hold your hand and guide you along the way until you reach your destination.

Personal development coaching

Confidence Coaching: I have always been the go to person in my group. I can confidentially talk about anything you want to discuss. If you are insecure about an issue  or you fear failure then you may be in need of a confidence coach. If want to increase an aura of confidence around you, then you are in the right place.

Personal Empowerment Coaching: I have always been an extremely empowering person.  I help you come out of your perceived low self-worth and limiting beliefs to achieve a higher and more empowered state. Do you want to get out of your shell? If so then you have can follow our process to become a more powerful person.

Career Transition Coaching: Career transition is always tricky for a number of reasons. Usually, you need a lot of adjusting and new education before you take a new job. And if you do not have this, you will need someone to help you ace your interviews. It goes without saying that being a career transition coach brings with it a lot of responsibility. We understand you are literally handing over your career and professional future to us. Working with you, we welcome the responsibility of ensuring your successful transition.

Personal Development Coaching: The field of “personal development” has come along a long way in the last decade. What used to be a dirty little secret is now a billion dollar industry. So, with people more willing to seek help through books, videos, and coaches, now is the time to be alive if you want to benefit from personal development coach. Personal development coaching is a lot similar to life coaching in the sense that it involves helping you get unstuck and making you reach the higher state of success.


BUSINESS AND EXECUTIVE COACHING SERVICES:Business Coaching:  We can help you start and grow your business! We can help you double your profits while working less using our process, and tips! Do you have an entrepreneur inside of you and do you want to take your ideas to a new level? If yes, then you can definitely benefit from a business coach. One thing about being a business coach is that we are always on call. So, if you want to take your business to a new level, reach out and contact us today.

Executive Coaching: The corporate world is truly hectic and if you are  an executive position you have to be “on” all the time. Usually, when you are an executive you are so swarmed with work that you don’t get basic executive training. You may not know how to lead a team, or use simple team building exercises, and how to get the most out of your team. An executive coach can help these people get the most out of themselves and their team. We can help them get a better work-life balance and to function at optimal levels all the time using our coaching services.

Sales Coaching: Sales is the driving force behind any industry and company. If you want to measure how a particular industry is doing you just check their sales and that will give you the answer. So, keeping that in mind, it is not really a surprise that so many big companies and salesmen seek the help of coaches in this particular area.

Performance Coaching: Performance coaching services utilizes psychological tactics to help you elevate your general job performance. Performance coaches use business and sports psychology to help you perform at optimal levels and to make you more of a team player. More and more corporations are seeking help from performance coaches to help elevate the game of their employees.

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