Technical Coaching – A Plan for Leadership Growth

Technical Coaching - A Plan for Leadership Growth 1
Technical Coaching - A Plan for Leadership Growth

Are you achieving the success at work you desire?

Our specialty is assisting technical minded people transition and prosper in their leadership roles.

Our One on One Leadership Growth Coaching Offer!


This coaching package is our specialty. We have spent well over $27000 on training and courses on leadership over the last 8 years. So let me ask you ... do you want to be a better leader? The definition of Leadership Coaching is a developmental process where you, as a leader, gets tailored help from a coach to help you achieve your goals and become a more effective leader.

leadership growth coachingOur Technical leadership growth coaching process will give you, as a leader, a new perspective and focus. Leadership Growth Coaching helps leaders implement personal and organizational change by providing support while keeping them focused on attaining their personal and professional goals.

Incorporating coaching into your leadership development will help you be more effective in motivating your team and connecting with them on a deeper level. Leadership coaching helps the leader develop trust among team members and create a support centered work environment built for success.

Through coaching, supervisors and managers will learn how to help each employee focus on developing those capabilities that will contribute most to both individual and organizational success. Leadership requires many different aspects to be effective. None are as important for the future of your business as leadership growth coaching.

While there are many important leadership skills and competencies, external coaching can help leaders improve their employee coaching skills to improve performance of entire teams. A coaching leadership style is shown to be much more effective with today's employees than the more authoritarian styles that many business managers operate under.

Over the last 32 years we’ve learned that leaders who intentionally nurture an environment of mutual trust and respect tend to drive stronger employee performance, which leads to exceptional customer service and improved business results. This technical coaching program will inspire and empower you to create a framework of effective and sustainable leadership practices regardless of your previous leadership experience.

When you have all the technical excellence, knowledge and resources to achieve a desired outcome. However, you are unable to make the difference you need or want in the space you work, more training is often not the answer. You need something much more personal and involved ... leadership growth coaching is tailored to include;

  • Life Coaching Discussion
  • Leadership Training
  • Leadership growth coaching ... all this is “tailored to you” based upon your needs.
  • Your desired outcome is guaranteed. We will help you grow quickly as a leader. Additional outcomes are determined during the first coaching session.

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