Business Coaching – Learning to Manage Up

Business Coaching - Learning to Manage Up

There’s, a lot of resources on the market about how to manage people, but there’s, not a lot of resources about managing up and what that means is how to manage your boss, effective boss management, one on one.

A lot of people don’t know how to do that, and then they end up not saying things they holding things in. They feel stressed if you’re overwhelmed and then they create alienation with the boss and resentment that ultimately can diminish their motivation and performance.

So this is a really important skill. So the first thing to know inside scoop, very important get to know your boss’s. Personality get to know how they operate, get to know what they like. What their work preferences are.

So, for example, find out. How do you want to be communicated to do you like email? Do you want me to call you, do you want me, do they like the face-to-face meetings or you know, do you want even a lot of information, or do you want me to just kind of go off and only know if there’s, a Problem because some managers are micro managers, they want to know every little detail and some want you to be able to work autonomously.

You need to know what your boss’s. Work preferences are find out. Your boss’s personality. Do they tend to be more introverted and quiet where you have to go and and solicit their their time? You have to go and just kind of drop by and keep them updated on what’s happening or the extroverts that are always coming by and and and very be want to be engaged with you.

You need to find that out. Are they more high-level kind of visionary kind of people that don’t want a lot of details or they more. The detail tell me step by step. How are you going to get there? Those kinds of tips are really really important because that’s, going to help you develop a better relationship with your boss.

The other thing I’m going to tell you, is to your own horn. The workplace is not a place to be modest. Now I’m, not talking about being arrogant and all I’m just so. Such a great manager know what you’re going to do.

Is you’re? Going to very subtly get your accomplishments out there. So the way you can do that, let’s say your team has a big hit home run. You’re, going to send out an email blast, congratulating your team on what a wonderful job they did and that’s, a way of getting in front of other people that they can see that you’re.

Doing a good job managing your team also keep what I call an accomplishments file. This is very important track. All of your completions all of your activities, all of your projects and when I say you, you and your teams, so that you can always know exactly what you’ve accomplished and it performance review time.

You take those completions those accomplishments and you’re, going to put them right into your performance review. I even suggest sending that once a month to your boss and saying just thought, I’d, keep you in the loop here’s, all the completions and activities over the last month.

Those are really your accomplishments, but you’re, not going to call them that to your boss. You’re, just going to say completions to your own horn, because otherwise you may not get that promotion. You may not get that bonus or those other new opportunities to to stretch your own leadership skills and expand your skills.

You want to be able to create those opportunities and managing up is a critical way to doing that.

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