Business Coaching – Once in a lifetime Opportunity to become a Better Communicator

How to Negotiate When Others Have Power

"Kwame Christian is a business lawyer and the Director of the American Negotiation Institute. His TEDx Talk, Finding Confidence in Conflict, was the most popular TED Talk on the topic of conflict of 2017. Today, he’s working extensively with procurement departments within companies to help them make better deals. Kwame hosts the top negotiation podcast, […]"


People, who believe that information or knowledge is wealth, would really be thrilled to know of the earning potential offered by providing coaching services. Now the next question is how to acquire the skills needed for becoming a successful coach. The answer to this million dollar question lies with the online training program available at This course has been designed and provided by Jeff Yeomans, one of the renowned internet marketers in the digital marketing world.  
Jeff and Kim yeomans have come out with this detailed and structured online training program that helps budding online entrepreneurs to set up their own online information business in the coaching niche.
Be flexible with communications

The Power of Making a Decision

"Every moment of every day, we make decisions. Sometimes those decisions are small and inconsequential, and sometimes those decisions are life-altering. In the end, though, the outcome of your day, your year, and your entire life are mostly defined by the sum of decision making and the actions that you take along the way. There’s power Read More The post The Power of Making a Decision appeared first on America's Leading Authority On Creating Success And Personal Fulfillment – Jack Canfield. "

As part of this online training program, the registered entrepreneur would be


1. Provided online training on setting up an online information business for one full year with 50 topics being covered during the one full year
2. Given training on one new topic every week during the course of the year long program
3. Provided an opportunity to individually talk to Jeff Yeomans for 50 hours during the year long program
4. Attending the training sessions as part of a small focused group containing five to six members
Online information Business Training course content

Have the Right Meetings

"Ugh, another meeting! Do you know the feeling? We sure do. We’ve sat through our share of bad meetings. But would you believe we actually love meetings now? Continue reading Have the Right Meetings at Michael Hyatt. "



This one year course comes with power packed content required for setting up an online information business in the coaching niche. Some of the important topics that would be covered during this program are listed below.
1. How to become a niche player in the coaching industry by helping the participant to choose a particular area and become a guru in that area within just 30 days of the commencement of the program
2. Steps needed for creating a product every week during each of the first 8 weeks in the program thereby enabling the participant to have 8 products as part of their portfolio
3. How to create an highly effective sales letter within the first 3 hours of the commencement of the program
4. How to set up high quality auto responding Email newsletters that provides instant benefits
5. How to determine quickly on what the market needs in the chosen niche coaching area
6. How to sequence the order in which the products need to be created in order to get the maximum sales within a short period of time
7. How to effectively use different forms of E-mail communication as part of the campaign and also when to use to a particular type of Email marketing campaign
8. Detailed steps to be followed for coming out with a quality text body that forms part of the Email news letter
9. How to incorporate automation seamlessly in to online marketing campaigns
10.How to quickly identify the topics that can be taught as part of the identified niche coaching area
In addition to these topics, there are several other topics related to internet marketing techniques and search engine optimization tips that are included as part of the communications coaching group program. These techniques and tips have already proven to be highly effective for many internet marketers in the Digital Marketing space. 


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