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Believe In Yourself

We behave and make choices based on what we believe is accurate. We make decisions that are congruent or adapting by what we believe is accurate, particularly. Without a firm belief in yourself along with a clear reason you want exactly what you need (according to your values and principles), it's easy to get sidetracked. Beliefs and values will be the 2 sides of the coin. They give you a feeling of function and cause inspired actions, leadership. [youtube: [ SPHPk9c23_M] What are a few of the core beliefs which need to be set up? How can you believe about yourself? What makes people succeed at following through on their well intended goals, isn't motivation, endurance, skills or ability. The most important element for success is that your belief Though these are all important in any formula for success. Secondly, you have to believe that you have what it takes the resources to realize your objective. Resources could be external and internal. Examples of resources could be: courage, dedication, dedication, confidence, clarity, passion, energy, strength, faith, resilience, communication, ability and wisdom. A few examples of external source might function: time, money, company strategy engineering and people.
If you want to emulate somebody that has been successful or someone who has achieved what you would love to do, or has attained the goals that you aspire to achieve, the most instinctive and sensible question to ask is ldquo;Just how did you accomplish that? ”  The counter intuitive - but more important - question is “Just what do you believe? ”"What's to be true in you that made you successful?"
First, you have to believe that attaining your aim is truly feasible for you. See the difference between ‘believing ’ some thing is possible (from your head), ‘believing’ some thing is possible (from your heart) and ‘sense ’ it is possible (out of the gut) By holding to such restricting and incorrect beliefs we sabotage ourselves, inducing us to remain in the old familiar comfort zone were we feel protected. As soon as your head, heart and gut are aligned, you produce tremendous inner power. You create a high degree of certainty. If folks get into that place of certainty, achieving their target becomes a must. And next, you have to think that you ’re completely deserving of accomplishing your objective. We could change limiting and incorrect beliefs when we completely understand and admit the center limiting belief.  We could also alter self limiting beliefs by beginning to build new enabling habits. For a life coach I find it interesting how We've developed those beliefs about just how much money we could make, or what kind of connection we can locate, or how much success we could have.   We all possess these belief systems concerning how much joy, success or love we all can encounter. If it had been just a matter of how- to do something and with the willpower to achieve it, we would all achieve a lot more things in our own lives.

Adult Children of Alcoholics–Why We Must Let Go

When I first began my spiritual work I felt as though I was lit on fire.

As my own awareness of self-grew--along with my comprehension of my connection to all that's expanded, it was difficult to not run out into the streets and scream,"People I catch it! I do it! We are our wounds!!! We're thus, so, therefore, so much more than that!!! We are all generated from precisely the identical origin!!! That which we experienced as children was not how it was meant to be and as adults--we now get to script our own tales!!!"

Obviously, I did not do that, but if I believed that somebody I had been speaking to opened up the door to their soul, and that I felt that the instinct to open my mouth and let out what I had learned along my trip --I always found a way to convey what I thought needed to have said.

It has been a long journey inward.   Many miracles have shown in my life since then, all of which I immerse my mind and soul in gratitude for daily, as well as frequently.

To all of my beloved brothers and sisters who have endured as children if the abuse has been directly related to alcohol, or as your caretakers abused you in certain other verbal, psychological, physical, or sexual manner --we all must learn how to let go--so that we can free our bodies from older dank energy that is locked inside our own bodies cells.

Our aches, aches, headaches, anxiety attacks, nervousness, migraines, asthma and equally, are signs of our old pains--those we never felt worthy of to state if we were naive little boys and girls.   Within usis the ability to not just lift the veil of illusion which has instructed us to turn from self, but also that we are not worthy of this best to express our annoyance, then finally let it move.

It's time to cure.

As earth enters its new age--and increases its own vibrational frequency--it isn't merely a period of cleanup for our world --but for its children too...

Feel your pain, allow tears to carry from you all the old pain you hid from others on your perplexing house, stay in bed for a day or two, wear pajama's for days at one time and even eat your pints of ice cream in case your inner child feels like that is what it should do. . .and whenever you're through--envision you learning to become the mum to you--that you always deserved.

Search masters out who have walked the journey you're on--and in the rear part of your mind never forget--this pain has served as a contrast.

The only way to cure self--is through self...

Return to you this weekend and do everything you can to love the inner child within you. http://feeds.feedburner.com/ healingselfesteem/ofCY

Five Ways to Life Yourself Up When You are Feeling Stuck & Down in the Dumps

I believe myself to be a rather positive person and that I love to laugh and smile a lot.  But, I'm also human and that there are instances, particularly those dreadful days after a reduction, at which I sense everywhere from broken to completely depressed.

I'd like to believe I needed to wait until that feeling passed till I might be happy - that I had to struggle with the sadness and depression before somebody or something decided I could be pleased.

Everything I understand today is nothing can be farther from the truth.  That's because you and I have the emotional resourcefulness readily available to us to shift from how we're feeling to the way we want to feel.

Here are a few of the things I'm doing, right now, to pick up me once I am down, and I want to feel how I want to feel

1.) Compliment myself when I feel I can go to a drawback self-talk.  Forcing myself to glow myselfif I have to admit myself for choosing out my dirty underwear off the ground, can make a really profound change. It assists me wade through the psychological mud. Exercise - without neglect exercise, exercising and eating healthy, was in the forefront of my own healing process as it has been essential in helping me cope with a number of the overwhelming pain that accompanies loss. Whenever I need to snap from a"less than ideal emotional state," I do my very best to eat healthy 80-90% of time (the other 10-20% is for pleasure ) and exercise 5 - 6 days a week doing a combination of weight training and cardiovascular conditioning. Laugh - bliss, as they say, can cure all and it really does wonders to help you make adjustments, very fast. When I need a good laugh, I hop over to Youtube and pull some videos I know will heat my heart with bliss. (Note: I encourage you to create a humorous video playlist on Youtube which means you've got easy access to a resources).

4.) Practice self indulgent - conceptually I got it, but it was only when I started doing it that I really experienced the deep psychological change that came when I began to concentrate on messenger every day. Each morning I spend a few minutes reciting as many items as I can consider that I'm thankful for.  In case the weather is nice, I will do this outdoors.  Nature appears to bring a little emotional energy that is additional . (I share a daily gratitude article on my Instagram accounts . Be sure to follow me there and share what you are thankful for).

5.) Connect with positive people - it's been scientifically demonstrated that we are all omitting a particular energy area and that we pick up about the power of the others.  It has also been said we're the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with all the most frequently.  Want to feel more happy, more inspired, more fulfilled, and then surround yourself with people who radiate those emotions. As soon as I connect with other people that lift up me, I immediately feel helpless and I bet you will too! (This is, in part, why I created the Moving Forward Group, so that we could surround ourselves with like-minded folks that are trying to heal and move ahead from their reduction ).

I hope this email was useful to you.  Give a try to the above five and let me know how they work for you.

Don’t Brush Off Positive Feedback — Study It

Most of us remember critical feedback. Because it’s jarring and threatening, it tends to stick in our brains. But positive feedback is an invaluable way to learn about your strengths and growth areas. Create a space (digital or physical) where you save the praise you get, anything from thank-you cards to written notes in your evaluations to comments in email threads. When you get mixed feedback, tease apart the positive and negative aspects, and put the positive ones in your kudos folder as well. Set a time in your calendar to periodically review and reflect on what you’ve saved. Ask yourself: What patterns or themes can I identify? How could I use my strengths in new situations? What else can I learn about my strengths, and who might provide that perspective? It may feel immodest or uncomfortable to bask in the positive feedback you get. But think of it like this: Someone has gone out of their way to highlight what you’re good at — so use it.

Adapted from “To Become Your Best Self, Study Your Successes,” by Laura Morgan Roberts et al.

How to Release Your Public Speaking Anxiety and the Fear of Making Live Presentations

Do you suffer from public speaking anxiety or the fear of making live presentations?

Does the thought of doing public speaking or making live presentations (such as on FB, Instagram or Youtube) cause you to sweat in nervousness, feel faint or get nauseous?

Do the voices inside your head tell you that it is not safe, not to make a fool of yourself or not to embarrass yourself in public?

First of all, what’s the deal with Public Speaking or Speaking in Front of an Audience?

Public speaking anxiety has been listed as American’s #1 fear affliction, before death at #5, and loneliness, weighing in at #7. This potentially means that most of us are less afraid of dying alone than of making fools of ourselves in front of others. The findings are thought-provoking, aren’t they?

Well, not just public speaking, many of us have the fear of being judged should we decide to reveal our “failures” and “mistakes” in the stories that we share before others. The voices inside our heads will warn us that it’s highly dangerous to reveal about our painful past in front of others! The fear of rejection or non-acceptance can be so strong that we are inclined NOT to show up as ourselves or to draw attention to our struggles (even if they could be over years ago).

Here’s the thing. If we would like to create a difference, it’s inevitable that we have to do some form of sharing our authentic stories. A presentation can never be quite as impactful without the power of story-telling. Real life stories connect and build bridges with our audience.

Let’s recognise that there is NOTHING shameful about sharing that we have gone through struggles.

Everyone has at one point or another, been through a difficult period. Without the struggles, there wouldn’t be us today. By sharing your authentic story, you are better able to connect with your audience and inspire them to action. In fact, the more emotionally compelling, the better. Facts tell, but stories sell!

Dealing with public speaking anxiety or the fear of standing in front of others may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Less so, should you claim to be an introvert (just like me). You are not likely to want to sign up for something that will make you feel uncomfortable. If I’m guessing right, you’ve got the tendency to hide every time when is an invitation to be interviewed, present or speak.

Chances are you can remain like this for years.

But if you are aware enough, you may recognise that you’ve been playing small.

Should you wish to increase your reach, create an impact and make a bigger difference, making live presentations with authentic sharing of your story can be life-changing. You are challenged to go beyond your comfort zone. What’s more, we are now in the era of publishing videos to get our messages out there.

Just imagine brimming with confidence when you have released any public speaking anxiety or fear of making a live presentation!

My Story with Releasing Public Speaking Anxiety

When I was to share my authentic story in a presentation on stage for the first time, I felt extremely nervous. I have never done anything like this before. It’s one thing to host a workshop, appear “live” on social media but quite another to reveal about my painful struggles on stage and in front of a large group of strangers.

I was imagining scenarios like:
– what if I trip on stage,
– what if I forget my lines,
– what if I blank out,
– what if I could not connect with my audience etc.

My mind was on overdrive. I also started to brandish myself for signing up for a public speaking gig, when I could have just stayed in my comfort zone.

Who am I to think that I can give a talk?
I’m just too old for this kind of thing.
I will look horrible on stage.
I will sound horrible on stage.

The voices inside my head was clear in that public speaking and telling my story on stage would be such a “bad idea”. 

Fortunately, I had enough awareness to know what the negative voices inside my head were doing. At one point, I had two parts of me in an inner debate. Finally, I reasoned that I wasn’t looking for safety anymore. Instead, I really wanted to break through my barriers.

I had written the introduction of my script for my presentation as follows….

“I believe in the power of stories and the most powerful stories are the ones we tell ourselves……for they create our reality.”

As I read through my script, I realised that my presentation is not just about the past. It is about the present. Therein was another wonderful opportunity to change the story that I was telling on the inside. I proceeded to work on releasing false beliefs and to visualise myself speaking confidently on stage.

Finally the day of the event arrived.

None – absolutely none – of the negative scenarios that I was imagining about came true. No falling down on stage, no forgetting my lines or blanking out when the stage lights came on. Instead, I spoke from my heart. The words just flowed.

On stage, I shared about how I once struggled with feeling unlovable and lousy about myself. Then, I went on to share about how I eventually turned my scars into stars,  stress into breakthrough and my mess into a compelling message. Well, I was happy to receive positive feedback on my presentation. A total relief that it was well received…hurray!!

What made the entire experience awesome was also the chance to help fellow entrepreneurs who had signed up for the same public speaking gig. A number of them had jitters and struggled with piecing their stories together prior to the event. Together, we worked on kicking their fears and crafting their messages. It was awesome finally hearing them speak on stage with poise and confidence! A breakthrough for their branding and market positioning indeed!

How to Release Public Speaking Anxiety and Fears

Need tips for your public speaking event or a live presentation?

5 tips to release public speaking anxiety

Here are some tips that had worked for myself and those that I had assisted….
1. Become aware of what the voices are saying.
2. Realise that some of the imagined future scenarios that are negative may never come true.
3. Release any negative emotions and false beliefs via EFT or meridian tapping or any other energy healing techniques.
4. Visualise the desired outcome. Repeatedly.
5. Apply actions or put in practice that will help lead to a positive outcome. Eg. practice in front of your friends, join a Toastmasters Club, recording your voice and replaying the audio.

Hopefully the above tips can help you too!

Even if you are an introvert, you can release any public speaking anxiety. Recently, to my surprise, I also found out that there are many master speakers with the ability to speak powerfully and make high ticket sales from stage and who profess to being introverts. Hence, don’t let your fears hold you back from being the best that you can be!

Kick Your Fears and Get Ready To Play a Bigger Game!

Do you have any one of the following
– a confidence crisis
– inner challenges that prevent you from showing up,
deep-rooted traumas that cause you to stutter, go blank in the mind, – tremble at any thought of public speaking, and/or
– issues with sharing your authentic story without needing anyone else’s approval?

Maybe you are not hoping to be the best speaker in town. Maybe it’s just about getting to the next step of your growth. Maybe it’s about levelling up to improve your game.

What will breaking free from your fears do for you? I’m betting that you’d feel a sense of freedom, greater confidence and fulfilment from getting your message out there!

Well, if you need further assistance to
– release public speaking anxiety
– create a bigger impact or/and
– turn shame into authentic and powerful sharing of your story and
crafting your branding message,
apply for a complimentary call here.

I’d be glad to assist you with a map for your breakthrough.

Love and abundance always,
Evelyn Lim

P.S. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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