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CHANDIGARH: The fire and emergency department has time and again been issuing notices to coaching institutes under the National Building Code rule violation.
With the fire tragedy killing 19 students in Surat, a reality check in the UT revealed that buildings which house them have seen no change over the years and these buildings continue to be trap holes during any such fire emergency.
As per coaching institutes certain clauses in the building bylaws like no staircase for rooftop and no alternate staircase in the buildings has tied their hands and besides fire extinguishers they are left with no other solution to rely on in case of fire emergency.
There are hundreds of showrooms in UT Chandigarh, most of which are in 34, 36, sector 8, sector 7, 9, The coaching centers are usually located on upper floors of the showrooms. The lower floors especially the ground floors should also have the entire system in place as many a times the occupants of upper floors are trapped because of mishap on ground floor. People in general have a conception that lower floors need not have any firefighting equipment,” said owner of one of the coaching institutes, requesting anonymity.
Suggesting solutions, Dr Arvind Goyal, who runs a coaching institute in sector 37 said, “If possible the administration should allow a separate exit on the rear and a proper staircase to reach the terrace in all showrooms.
Many a times there is an issue between the tenant and the landlord about bearing the cost of the equipment. The administration should fix the guidelines about this issue also.” He said, “In many cases there are different owners of different floors and due to lack of coordination between them the entire system cannot be put in place.
The owners of different floors should be held responsible for their floors separately. The administration can also think about allowing school premises to be used on rental basis for coaching after school hours.” Neither chief engineer UT Chandigarh Mukesh Anand nor additional commissioner cum chief fire officer Anil Garg responded to the calls to comment on the same.
Parents body suggests
Surprisingly, it appears that there are no regulations or licensing requirements for opening a coaching centre in the city. The Fire Department of the Municipal Corporation has clearly turned a blind eye towards these institutes. Coaching centres should be allowed to run only on the ground floor, and where it runs on the upper floors of a building, there must be an alternate staircase for emergency exit and all other requirements of the National Building Code must be complied with, said Nitin Goyal, president Chandigarh parent’s association.
Scene in Panchkula
The Panchkula fire department has checked all the coaching institutes in the city including the centers in Sectors-4, 5, 10, 14, 15, 20, 21 and 25 and also issued notices to them after they found various anomalies at these coaching centers.



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