Coaching for Better Team Accountability

We believe our mission is to help you restore sanity to the workplace in order to restore sanity. We believe a key part of that is ensuring accountability, not only in each individual employee, but making sure we also hardwire accountability into the work we do as teams to that ends.

Today, I’m, going to give you an exercise that will help you work with teams to really ensure accountability and also the fast track their development. I call it the accounting for exercise after a team has come to a milestone.

It’s, time to review and really mine the activity, the project for learning for each and every team member. That’s, a key part in continuous learning, which, as you know, is our fourth factor in the accountability cycle.

The accounting for exercise first ask teams to reflect on how they thought they did. I recently did this activity with the team, whose goal was to recruit 10 physicians in one quarter into a medical center.

They had recruited eight physicians into the medical center at the time of thus accounting for, and I asked the team. How do you think you did many other team members responded that they thought they did pretty good, considering the circumstances when, in fact, eight out of ten didn’t meet our goal first thing as a leader when you ask people how they think they Did is to help them understand that pretty good and consideration of the circumstances is not what can account ability is about.

So, while I valued their effort, I value their contribution as a leader I needed to. Let them know that eight out of ten did not meet their goal, and I asked the next question and they accounting for exercise, which is what kept you from keeping your commitment.

As we went around the table, I soon saw a very low level of accountability. The first person said one of the reasons that they weren ‘ T able to keep their commitment was that the marketing team had let the team down the marketing team did not get the website up in time.

The Marketing team did not follow through as they promised, as I talked to the second person in the team accounting for exercise, and I asked them what they thought led to their lack of results. They went on to attribute their results to lack of leadership by the senior team.

Coaching for Better Team AccountabilityThey had asked the senior team to be part of their recruiting efforts and to be part of a social activity. They said the senior team came and went very quickly. Didn’t interact much with the recruits and definitely didn’t sell the organization one issue with all of their responses.

Was they actually believed that the reason they didn’t achieve results had something to do with external circumstances. This is a key issue in in guards to ownership, the accounting for exercise rewrites, this particular mindset.

What I want you to do is go back around the table. Ask each person to start with I and talk about what they chose, what they did, how they contributed. So I asked the team to go back and use the example they had given me, but replace they four eye and really dig deep and account for what their personal contribution was.

After some reflection, the first person did an incredible job of getting accountable. He said you know, I lack project management skills. I did not set firm deadlines with the marketing team. I didn’t, have a project plan in place that really outlines key timelines milestones, and I didn’t follow up and check in with them.

Basically, I used Hope as my strategy what a great transition from blaming the marketing team to accounting for his contribution. What’s? Incredible is once you account for your own contribution, as this gentleman did is, then you know exactly what you need to develop and next he knows now.

His development focus in the upcoming future is on project management skills. The second individual went from blaming senior leadership to talking about the fact that she chose not to fully briefed senior leaders that she just expected them to know what they needed to do in the social hours in order to really sell the organization.

So her accounting went something like this. I did not appropriately brief the senior team. I was not clear in asking for exactly what I needed and the beauty in that is that she then identified her next development area to be getting more clear about the asks that she makes to the senior team and really being specific about what expectations are.

And what your expected outcomes are, so that they can do a better job delivering in the accounting for exercise. You move people from what they think contributed to the results to an I statement of what contributed to the results, which leads you right into continuous learning, making our failures into successes, which leads right into fast tracking their development.

Now, when the I go to delegate to one of these folks with an eye towards development, I delegate their participation in the committee meeting. That is where they will learn project management that individual no longer sees it as dumping.

They see it as development and they’re much more grateful and that’s, how you take accountability into self-reflection into accounting for results and fast-tracking development, because, after all, the level of accountability in your team today is the amount of results You’ll have in the future. Source : Youtube

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