Coaching Model: Mindfulness Attracts Power

A Coaching Model Created by Andrijana Ilic
(Transformational Coach, SWITZERLAND)

My passion for people development comes from the satisfaction of knowing that each human can intensify his progress towards being the person he wants to be and the life he wants to have. The idea of supporting people to reach a miraculous achievement in terms of success, well-being or health, motivates me strongly.

This individual improvement brings satisfaction and fulfillment. I believe that the sum of all individual progression and satisfaction, in the end, creates a positive impact on a collective approach. My background in HR and the transformation of organizations has shown me how their performance can be limited because of missing individual progression that would create productive and creative skills, high engagement, and finally happiness at work.

I felt how much the personal life and professional life of each human were interconnected.  Year after year, I lived different experiences as an HR manager and in my challenging and successful life, in which I was surprised by how some exchanges create an empowering effect that brings clarity, and the ability to choose well and act towards achieving dream goals. This underlies my will to deeply reinforce my skills in people development, to use them to express the best of myself and to support.

My goal is to support people in the best way to empower them to achieve a high level of performance, fulfillment, and happiness in their lives. I believe that the more people are engaged in all necessary transformational processes, the more this will have a positive effect on all collectives (groups to which they belong) and that this is useful for all humanity from a philanthropic perspective.

My coaching model has based on the concept that my role is that of a life and business strategist, through which I will efficiently facilitate, using high-level coaching techniques, the way clients reach the highest level of clarity they can to act efficiently regarding what they really expect for their life. It is like shining “the light” on their own true, their deepest being, their ideal life, and exceeding all of their potentials and talents with the elevation and the power of their intelligence.

In substance, my model is not totally accurate because it will always be adjusted to the characteristics of the clients regarding their ripeness and clarity on who they are, what they want, what they are capable of, how they will achieve it. The idea is to adopt a powerful coaching approach that can empower as soon as possible each human.

I will support the client to create his MAP (Mindfulness Attracts Power) regarding four key aspects ( of himself by becoming more:

  • Mentally clear
  • Spiritually open
  • Emotionally stable
  • Physically healthy

The metaphor of the “map” comes from the idea that clarity brings a better view of what we are, where we are, where we are going, and how to go there. Like a map, it is an abstract drawing of reality because it shows information about an area, a position, and a direction that realistically exists, and we use it to go where we want or where we have to go.

Coaching Model: Mindfulness Attracts Power 1

In the transformational coaching program that I offer, we will build for the client the ability to draw his own MAP and also to redraw by himself again his own MAP in the future if necessary. This would be based on the elevation of the mind’s abilities for strategic skills that will bring him, with time, the power to attract and create what the client wants for himself (how he feels, he thinks, he appears) and his life (the experiences he lives).

We will work in a systemic way with a complementary approach regarding the four pillar skills: mental skills, spiritual skills, emotional skills, and physical skills. The word “skills” means the ability to do something. We will create a map that will produce more and more mental mastery, spiritual, emotional, and physical skills. The improvements and focus of these abilities will create the power to attract that which he wants.

The process would necessarily start with a kind of “diagnosis” to get to the mutual clarity of where the client is now. It will be useful to see the awareness and satisfaction level regarding who he is and how his life is going. In general, the client will seek help because he has a specific issue, but we will have to dig deep to check the real roots of that and have a 360 degrees view around this specific issue to adjust the transformational process. It will be necessary to assess with the client what seems defective and dissonant in his life to define what primarily needs to be changed.

However, the purpose of my coaching model is not based exclusively on problem-solving. It is also about focusing on the recognition and gratitude for the positive aspects of the client’s life to generate the positive energy necessary for facing the issues effectively.

Mentally Clear

We will activate the ability to be inspired in different ways. It is about picturing vividly the desirable future that the client seeks and using his imagination skills to see how life would be for him with the possibility of unlimited abundance. It may be useful to invite him to spend more time with people who inspire him and sourcing stories and information that makes sense for him regarding his values, his needs, his dreams.

Unlocking the main limiting beliefs would be key to supporting him in building a clear vision of what he really wants and how he can act to achieve it. It is fully connected to whom he really is and to his life purpose.

It is a question of helping the client to elevate their as much as possible his consciousness to have strong clarity on where he is now, where he wants to go, what abilities he can improve to achieve what he wants. Furthermore, it is also necessary to shine a light on the benefits for the client if he is really engaged in achieving these goals.

What would be important is supporting the client to feel strongly the need to resonate with his strong will and to attract what he wants (Attraction law).

Spiritually Open

To reinforce the powers that the client has, we should support him to exceed the limited image that he has himself and live. With some feedback or information sharing about the latest discoveries of new sciences or the main universal spiritual learning of humanity, we can widen his perception. This helps him feel his higher self and how is a part of extremely powerful energy.

It is a trust-building process, knowing that the universe will bring him what he really wants if he really resonates with that. Then it is necessary to be in a certain state of letting go and detachment regarding our own needs, to get to a feeling of fulfillment and trust. We need to help the client understand as much as possible his own engineering and to connect him with the unconditional faith that will empower him to connect better with the rest of the universe and to his values, his strengths, his gratitude.

Emotionally Stable

It is about improving the emotional intelligence of the client to a higher consciousness of different dimensions of emotions. We talk about heart intelligence too and about good coordination between the heart and brain activity (as explained by Gregg Braden or Joe Dispenza scientists).

We will help the client to be better connected with the emotions of joy and love that are the most powerful for a fulfilled life. The obstacles to the feelings of joy and love can be explored. It is also about improving empathy skills but with the ability to fix the necessary boundaries. No judgment, slowing down to get better to a rational analysis will be useful. The ability to forgive deeply and to feel gratitude will support the client in his life.

The emotions should become a tool to help the client to recognize whether he is on the good road in his MAP regarding where he plans to go.

Some relaxation exercises or meditation may be done to give to the client the possibility to face stress management more effectively.

We will also explore whether there is some emotional hurt for which an expert should also work in parallel with the coaching program.

Physically Healthy

Here, we will explore the level of satisfaction of the client regarding this aspect of his life. We will define what would be new habits to integrate to be highly satisfied with his body and care for it and use it as an advantage to achieve what he really wants in life.

There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality. Tony Robbins

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