Coaching Model: The STEADY

A Coaching Model Created by Justin McKnight
(Leadership Coach, UNITED STATES)

The STEADY coaching model:    


To understand the current status and struggles, setting the foundation. 


Agreeing on the scope of our work supported by a trusting relationship.


Deeper through powerful questions and insightful answers. 


Through learning, gaining new perspectives, and greater clarity of understanding.


In creating and executing action plans with structures to ensure success.


Enthusiastic commitment to move forward and be accountable for results.    

As a Strategic Growth coach, I help clients to steadily grow in their careers and personal lives through consistent disciplined action. That persistent approach adds up to major results over time.

This model walks the client through the coaching process considering their unique wants and needs. Gathering their current views to best understand where they see themselves initially and where they are working to go. Seeking and actively listening to the perceived constraints and beliefs making up their perspectives, plus their core values. Using this information as a starting point for us to build on.

The client should feel supported, knowing they are not alone in their journey. They have someone encouraging them who truly cares about their successful outcomes. This empathetic alignment improves client confidence and increases sharing. Together we realize that we can accomplish more than when going it alone.

Powerful questions, timed appropriately, which inspire the client to dig deeper and look at their life from new angles.  Allowing space for the client to explore options and work through scenarios. Focusing on the client’s emotions that arise, their new insights, and their shifts in perspectives which allow for new opportunities to be considered.

The process yields new learning from which the client can proceed with greater awareness. The new views and deeper understanding allow for new options not previously seen as available. This permits fresh clarity to come through so the direction to proceed is more obvious. The resulting vision is fulfilling and matches the client’s values.

The actions are to be realistic and achievable. Working towards a consistent persistent activity that is leading in the desired direction. Priorities are known so the major steps take place with precedence. This disciplined plan will result in great gains over time.

The client will feel energized and excited about the steps to take, knowing the outcomes are clear and will come by following through on the plan.  There is confidence in capabilities backed by a supportive coach helping to hold them accountable for continued effort and progress, along with self-analysis and ongoing adjustments.


Learn How to Create Your Own Coaching Model

Your Coaching Model reflects your values,
philosophies and beliefs and must communicate who you will coach
and the problems you will solve.

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