Coaching Power Tool – Believing vs. Questioning

A Coaching Power Tool By RaShonna Amos, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Leadership Coach, UNITED STATES

Believing vs. Questioning RaShonna Amos_Coaching_Tool

My power tool is directly connected to my DIVE model. DIVE is a model that allows you to move at your pace. There is no expectation of quickly “diving in” yet there is the encouragement to do what you need to ensure that you’re creating a path aligned with your value, end goal, and what will allow you to experience joy along your path.

We all have situations in life where we must make a choice. Some of the decisions we’re faced with can impact our lives in the present moment and some can impact us for the long term.

In most things we do, we have the opportunity to learn through many avenues, apply that learning, and allow that learning to influence our next and future steps while we reflect and plan our next move.

Believing vs. Questioning Explanation

It may seem easy to move forward to some, but as we explore what could be holding us back, this power tool focuses on believing vs. Questioning.

Why would we want to reframe Questioning to Believing? We can be our own worst critics and can find ways to question our value, worth, capabilities, and even the positive things we know to be true about ourselves. When we question ourselves, it is important to allow that natural reflection and even emotion to be present, name it, and work through it. We can critically analyze why we are questioning, why we are doubtful, and what is based on fact.

From there, we can shift to the point of believing. Believing in our value, worth, and capabilities as we focus on our goals and personal growth. If we shift from questioning and doubting to acknowledging those feelings and choosing to believe in ourselves, we can truly explore what’s possible and what could go right instead of what could go wrong.

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