Hi, I’m Jeff Yeomans

I am an Accountability coach specializing in life coaching for technical people like you. Supporting your leadership development and daily productivity step by step.
You will learn to be the best person possible. You will learn how to lead all types of people by being more proactive and focused. For each of your goals in life, we have a process to help you achieve it.

The first 2 sessions are free if you do not mind me recording the sessions. To Sign Up for a Free Coaching Strategy Session;

I really want to speak with you and start working together but not everyone’s ready to start coaching, so please take this appointment seriously and if you think you might miss it, you have a few options: Don’t Miss It :), or don’t book it. If you book it and if you really have to, cancel as early as possible and try again another time.

Just be considerate of other people, including myself, who could be using that time to improve their lives.

By filling in this Calendly meeting request, you will not be added to a newsletter or get inundated with emails from me and your information will be kept in strictest confidence.

Step 1: Visit 

https://calendly.com/leadershiplifecoach and select one of the available time slots for your introductory free session.

Step 2: Select the Day of the Month to reveal times that are available for that day (or click Next Month to view more options)

Step 3: Download, complete and return the client intake questionnaire. This document will help me develop a coaching plan for you. Please return the questionnaire 24 hours before the time of your coaching appointment.

Step 4: Make sure you include your Full Name, Phone, Email and add in any background info you’d like to share with me with the questionnaire.

Step 5: Attend our coaching session to see how we can work together. Our regular pricing range from $49 to $199 per session.

Step 6: You will get a reminder about the session a day or two prior but please put it in your schedule so you don’t forget! And remember, times are in Atlantic Standard Time and I will be calling you at your appointment time.

I have a leave for question for you: What are the next steps you are going to undertake in considering how Life Coaching can support, and accelerate, the capacity development of the leaders and organizations you work with? We look forward to hearing from you! TAKE ACTION NOW!