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Hi, I’m Jeff Yeomans

I am an Leadership life coach specializing in life, leadership, and business coaching for technical people like you. As your coach, I support your leadership development and business objectives using a step by step process.

I have worked in various industrial plants over the last 32 years. Like many people in a technical environment I advanced up the ladder mainly because of my technical skills, and my willingness to take on more responsibility. It was only after I became a supervisor when I realized I needed to improve my leadership and coaching skills. I have spent well over $27,000 in my quest to improve my skills.

As I searched for training material related to leadership I came across a wide range of authors and leadership methods. I have combined all this learning, and my experimentation with clients to form a step by step success coaching process. I designed it for people who want to reach their goals in life and in business.

And Hi, I am Kim Yeomans

I am a Life coach specializing in Grief Coaching and Suicide Prevention Coaching. I use my personal experience and training to support people who need help getting back into a more productive life routine. 

If you are having trouble coping with life, or you have a loved one who is having trouble, we are here to help. Remember, you are never alone and in our confidential sessions you can talk about anything. Contact us today for Assistance
Jeff and I are great listeners.  Our focus in on improving your life experience through coaching and support.

Please note; if you in crisis and are suicidal please do not wait for a coaching session: Reach out to one of the suicide prevention helplines:


IN CANADA – Crisis Services Canada – Hours: Available 24 hours for calls; Available 4 PM—12 AM ET for texts. Languages: English, French. Learn more 833-456-4566 and SMS: 45645


IN USA – National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – Is here to help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.  1-800-273-8255

We will use our experience and training to help you be the best person and have the best life possible. You will learn how to reach any goal you want to obtain in life or business.  If you have a goal, we have a process to help you achieve it.

The first 30 Minute session is free for all coaching clients. All we ask for is an honest review of our process.

We are waiting to hear from you! Fill out the questionnaire, schedule a session, contact us below & most of all TAKE ACTION NOW!

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