Craft a Career to Fit Your Strengths

Happy high achievers design their careers around signature strengths.

Many people frame career choices only as, “Should I take this offer or not?” or, “Should I quit this job and go and get another?”

Scott Anthony Barlow, founder of Happen to Your Career, challenged us to ask a different question this week. He’s the host of Happen to Your Career podcast, featuring the career stories of many successful professionals.

Scott told us that skills are not necessarily strengths. People who are successful and happier are spending more time in their strengths. He also shared The Ultimate Guide to Using Your Strengths to Get Hired.

Here are the most useful links from this episode:

  • Full audio and show notes
  • The Ultimate Guide to Using Your Strengths to Get Hired
  • 8-Day Video Course to Figuring Out What You Love

If this episode helped, these will be useful too:

  • How to Figure Out Your Career, with Scott Anthony Barlow (episode 259)
  • How Teams Use Strengths Finder Results, with Lisa Cummings (episode 293)
  • Move From Caretaker to Rainmaker, with May Busch (episode 390)

Recommended Reading

Breaking Up the Degree Stranglehold: Disruption in Higher Education: Here’s the line that got my attention: “EY and IBM are already hiring workers without degrees.”

Air Force Chief Grapples With Suicide Scourge: ‘I Don’t have a Solution’: Insight into a difficult issue and the complexity around leading change — even when almost everyone agrees it’s needed.

The World’s Greatest Communicators Don’t Use PowerPoint: Not always practical to follow this advice, but the bigger point is right on.

Should I take this offer or not?Audio Gems

The Talky Executive: If you work with someone who talks too much, Tom Henschel’s advice on “slow-pitch listening” on the most recent episode of The Look & Sound of Leadership is golden.

Video Picks

How You Find Your Passion: Huge distinction here from past guest Simon Sinek on having a vision vs. finding a vision.

Dave’s Journal

That’s a Great Question: When you say, “That’s a great question,” it’s likely communicating value judgements you don’t want to convey.

A Bit of Inspiration

Captain Knight Flew His Father Home, One Final Time: The most beautiful moment I saw on the internet last week.

Next Week’s Episode

Ginger Hardage returns to the show to illuminate the five lies about corporate culture.

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