Discover Your Hungers – Weight Loss Tips

Dr. Dana Schroeder personally battled extreme obesity for over twenty years until she elected to have life-transforming weight loss surgery in 2001. Since then, she has seen the surgery transform many more lives as well. Still, why are some so unhappy with their results?

Dr. Schroeder relies on both her experiences as a Bariatric Nurse Practitioner, Life and Success coach as well as a Bariatric Surgery Graduate to provide a roadmap that invites others to look deep within and explore the core issues and limiting beliefs that prevent us from attaining the weight, health, and life we all deserve.

In a comprehensive guide that addresses the root causes of the disease of obesity and how to overcome them, Dr. Schroeder shares heartwarming stories of actual clients and others as well as her own story; the nine keys to understanding personal desires, wants, needs, creating a plan, and taking action steps; discovery tools and tips; and wisdom coaching questions that will guide anyone to permanently release excess weight, stop living life on the sidelines, and ultimately realize complete personal fulfillment.

Discover Your Hungers offers practical advice, personal stories, and proven tools that will help those challenged with weight issues to release the pounds, reconnect to their dreams, and revive their energy to pursue their ideal life. Wisdom questions for the purpose of self-discovery and self-coaching uses the 9 keys as a guide.


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