E-Book – The Ultimate Guide to Your Best Verbal Communication

Learn to make your verbal conversations more meaningful, speak and listen more confidently

Learn to make your verbal conversations more meaningful, speak and listen more confidently. The Ultimate Guide to Verbal Communication will help you through the process of improving your verbal discussions at work and in personal relationships. Effective verbal communication is a fundamental life process and a skill that successful people use to get their points across to others.

I have found in 31 years of business that it’s best to be clear, concise, and specific when talking to people. After reading this book, you will understand and realize that everyone is unique, especially in their communication skills.

Since communication requires effort, it should always have a purpose.  If the purpose isn’t clear to the intended audience, you have a problem!  Most business communication is intended to direct, inform (or educate), persuade or inspire.  Often the sender has some combination of these motives in mind.

You can define verbal communication as the process of sharing ideas, information and messages with others. This book describes how effective communication enables business personnel to work together. Some of the topics we cover in this book include:

  • What Do We Mean by Communication
  • A Basic Belief of Communication and Leadership
  • Principles of Effective Communication
  • Five Steps for Effective Communication
  • Preparing to Speak
  • The Steps to Effective Communication (Overview)
  • Audience Analysis:  The Human Factor
  • Practical steps to Speaking in Public
  • Speaking Formats
  • Speaking Practice Makes You Better
  • Effective Listening Skills And Strategies
  • How to Build your Evidence and Support Your Ideas
  • Research Before You Communicate