EXECUTIVE COACHING Works Only Under These Conditions

Executive coaching is one of the most effective leadership development techniques to develop high-performing leaders. I designed the coaching curriculum that is used in Wharton’s, general management and advanced finance programs.

So I’d, like to explain to you how the process works. If you choose to take advantage of coaching, you will complete a personality assessment and a 360 tool to collect feedback from your organization.

executive coaching worksNext, a goal-setting session will help you identify the specific outcomes you want to achieve. You will then meet with your executive coach to create a leadership development plan that both leverages your existing strengths and identifies opportunities for growth.

This leadership development plan will be tailored to your organization’s. Specific needs recognizing the most valued leadership, skills and traits that are necessary for you to succeed in your current role and beyond, you will receive six coaching sessions.

As you work with your executive coach over six sessions, you will make stronger connections between your leadership, behaviors and performance. You will also work on active behavioral modifications needed to achieve your desired outcomes and attain greater success.

In a final session, you’ll, assess your progress and set goals for future growth and development beyond the program. Why is this experience so powerful? Your Wharton train coach ties together. The learning you are experiencing in the classroom with your specific leadership and management goals.

This is executive, coaching tailored to meet your precise professional needs. The transformation you can achieve within six months can be tremendous. As you focus on your behaviors and actions. Executive Coaching will propel you to a higher level of success and personal growth.

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