Free Goal Achievement Coaching – Really

Are you having trouble reaching your goal?

Do you get discouraged when trying to succeed in life or business?

Are you struggling with an aspect of life and want to talk to a neutral coach – not a family member?

Do you really want some help with your Goal Achievement plans?

Would you like some free coaching help? – Really FREE!

We are offering Free coaching to 5 people (action takers) this fall as a way of giving back to our community! This is absolutely Free Coaching – no up sell, no money required what so ever. We will help reach at least one goal using our proven goal achievement coaching process.

NOTE: We only want people who are serious about making change in their life and reaching their goal.  People who are willing to engage with us, attend all coaching sessions and work on yourself to reach your goal. If this is you – continue reading!

If you are interested – fill out the intake questionnaire and schedule your first coaching session on this page. These 5 slots will fill quickly so take action and sign up today – the first 5 people who take action will be accepted because we believe that action takers should be rewarded.

The coaching session will be one on one sessions once per week with a second group Q/A  and accountability session weekly.

Note: Instead of paying for the coaching –  we would like permission to record some of the sessions for marketing (No names used), and we would like all 5 people to provide us with an honest review of the coaching process … video, verbal and or written review.




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