How to Achieve your Success Goals with FOCUS

Let’s. Talk about focus! I’m talking about this focus, which I think is the true source for success. This thing you can had a CD dry, and that was the time when I saw one of the first YouTube videos out there.

One part, let me quickly show you and since then, for the past 52 years, I’ve, looked in the mirror. Every morning and asked myself if today were the last day of my life, what I want to do what I am about to do today, remembering that I’ll, be dead.

Soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. He’s talking about a part of his life. That, obviously, to me was about the ability to focus, to strip everything away and focus on the essentials, of course, and you Steve Jobs by then.

But I didn’t, know his background, his story and when I started researching, I found out that he was very close to the concept of Zen, which is like more practice for everyday life. How you live your life by researching that I saw this picture of him sitting in his room with just pillow and the land listening to music and then working on an idea, and I thought this is a concept worth trying.

I mean stripping everything away. This was what his products were limited to, what’s, essential that’s? Why people bought a lot of these products fast forward to today without focus? I would not be in the driver’s seat for my life, and you can ask any successful entrepreneur.

Most men will tell you it’s all about how you’ve achieved what you’ve achieved focus. You know focus on on signal over noise to focus laser focus focus on whatever your ultimate goal is, and there’s really just two things needed if you want to apply focus to your life and make it fixed part of your life.

Most of us have a very fast pace in our lives. We’re available all the time on the run, the claim in the frame the cargo after the moving right. So the very thing, a lot of tension and a lot of stress, or it can end up in a lot of stress in that part of life and on the other side.

We then look for relaxation time off, shilling hanging out drinking partying and, like the total opposite, what my Zen Massa explained to me in the very beginning, there is tension and there is no tension like relaxation on these two sides.

How to Achieve your Success Goals with FOCUSWhat you’re. Looking for in them is the right tension. You need tension if you do sports to work out. If you want to like have a healthy life, you need some tension in your body to stand upright. There is something in between it’s.

Actually, the root for focus, because this is what will bring focus to everyday life. There is a Zen story from an old van master and he was asked by his students who said well, then master you sold. You deserve to chill.

You deserve to relax. While you still keep working – and he says a day with our work – is like a day without food, you want to find pace in between that’s, the one side to understand that’s, the first thing and then the other side Is not about managing time or prioritizing it’s all about managing your attention, wherever your attention goes, your energy flows focus is about attention, and this is all about stuff stuff that is cluttering your life and your mind stuff that you own as Tyler Durden sad and Fight Club, what things your own and the pony means every piece we own takes a little bit of our attention away that we could spend into something that we really want to do, because every piece needs a little bit of attention.

But the same is true for the digital stuff that you own, in a very digital person and by then I was owning one computer and I took a harddrive and took all the stuff from one computer to the other computer and then to another computer and a New computer and then cluttering my heart right, have you completely crowded desktop as many people have today and they still own? I really have to think of getting rid of that computer now and that’s.

Why? I really like the idea of having a cloud like uploading, all the stuff, to the cloud being able to search it, but not having it on the company being able and free to access the stuff whenever I want, but not cluttering my life.

This is also taking away attention from what you really want to focus on today. There are so many tools out there. You can have Evernote for all the nodes, the bookmarks you have. I use a Kindle the Kindle app on my on my phone because I can actually mark stuff on the Kindle.

I can then later on the computer see my marked stuff in my notes and work through it. I can upload all the stuff I have to onedrive or G suite the photos that you have on your phone. You can upload that to Google photos it’s backed up and you have it nexus everywhere.

You don’t need to worry about what happens if my device gets stolen, one of their devices got stolen. You’re working for me. All. The computers have a built-in button, a red one, that you press, that I’ll, be back and the most important part to declutter is actually the stuff in your mind, and then they call that the monkey mind you think of a beautiful day.

You had with your family on the beach and then you think of your family and your daughter who was with you on the beach that moment, you think. Oh, I had to pick up my daughter from the kita today. This is what we call associative thinking and the brain works like that.

We think associative like we have one thought, and then we jump to the next thought. We’re, not computers. We’re, not think in a linear way. This is where our creative power comes from, but this is also what keeps us awake at night when we have a thought and the thought starts wandering to the next one, the next one, the next one.

This is mind wandering that’s. Why meditation is not some esoteric? It makes you stronger. It makes you bolder. It makes you more powerful because it’s like training, for your attention, muscle the samurai use meditation before they went to war.

They knew the solution does not come from thinking. It comes from tapping into your intuition and then make a decision. Practicing. Meditation is very easy to learn, but very hard to keep going every day.

Just sit on your ass. You have your knees on the floor or you’re just knee and then sit upright with your back. Have your hands full look at the hand that is less active, hold the other hand, so my left hand the right hand put in front of your belly and then just up breathing you try to breathe in and then, with the first breathe out.

You count one breathe in with the second rhinology count, two and so on, and try to do that up until ten, without having thought. If you have a fall, you just start with one again: it takes a while until you get to 10 Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur who had the ability to tap into this super power of intuition and to express that in a very clear vision to his people.

His focus came from practicing every day. It was part of his life. It was part of the company part of the culture from Apple. That Apple is still living off today, as Steve Jobs said, stay hungry, stay foolish, try it out for yourself and see if this ability to focus and to play, put your attention on stuff.

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