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Develop Yourself: Improve your Self-Knowledge and Awareness

Improve your Self-Knowledge and Awareness – TheGoldTao 1

To Better Live our Lives with a sense of Purpose, Authenticity, Self-Confidence, Openness, Trust and Unconditional Love (toward ourselves and others) is necessary a good amount of Self-Knowledge and Awareness. Self-Knowledge gives us a better understanding of who we are and of our Needs, Awareness lets us better understanding of the World and the Situations around us, how to Communicate our Needs and how to Fulfill them in the Respect of ourselves and of the other People who are part of our Reality.

Improve your Self-Knowledge and Awareness – TheGoldTao 2

An appropriate amount of Self-Knowledge and Awareness create the Construct of our Consciousness and they also permits us to approach to Higher Levels of our Consciousness and new Realities. Without a good Self-Knowledge and Awareness we could risk to loose the Sense of the Self and the Direction through which Focus our Intents and Efforts.

Self Knowledge can be defined as the Knowledge of our Personality Traits, Values, Needs, Desires, Limits, Emotions, Thoughts and Way of Thinking, and Beliefs. The Knowledge of ourselves forms a Mental Map of who we really are, what we are really Want, what we really Like and what we really want to Become. Our true Self is what distinct us from others and it isn’t the Self as it appears to others but the Self as it really is. The search for Self-Knowledge is the search for our true Self and the Creation/Development of it in the same time.

Awareness is the Internal Knowledge of our Reality. It is the Intuitive Knowledge of our Borders and the Potentials within whom we are Free to build our World. To owe a good Awareness can also become a Calling to Evolve and to Begin a Path of Personal Development.

How can we start to Improve our Self-Knowledge and Awareness?

Here five Coaching Tips that we can easily apply in our Daily Life:


Meditation is one of the primary Tool for Improving Mental Clarity, Awareness and Cognitive Control (or Feelings) able to Self-Change the Behavior of the Individual and the Quality of his Feelings Repertoire. Increasing the Neurophysiology and Biochemistry, the Meditative Practice Changes the Structure and the Functioning of the Brain itself in very meaningful Ways.

Write a Journal

An Effective way to increase Self-Knowledge is to write down your Thoughts and Emotions. Taking a Journal helps to develop the level of Emotional Intelligence the ability to perceive and manage our Emotions, and that of others. Listening and Processing Thoughts and Emotions we naturally increase our self-Knowledge and Awareness.

Set Goals

Goal setting helps Provide Directions, helps staying Motivated and Active and promotes a Healthy sense of Fulfillment.

Ask Better Questions

Asking better Questions during our Inner Talks or Conversations with others is an Improvement ables to develop the Quality of our Thinking Processes and our Relationships. Improving our habitual Questioning Patterns helps to Achieve more Fulfillment in many areas of our Lives and Realize our Hidden Potential.

Ask for Feedback to Loyal Friends (and Listen to the Answer)

Getting and Receiving Honest and Direct Feedbacks sometime is difficult. People wants to make other people Feel Good and oftentimes asking someone directly could Complicate the Relationship. Only Great Friends are able to give us the right Feedback at the right Moment: Trust them and Learn to Welcome their Opinion also when it is Difficult to Listen to the Truth.

Author: Cristina Capucci

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