Improved Indigenous Chicken Vaccination Schedule

Improved Indigenous Chicken Vaccination Schedule

There is a saying that goes, “a healthy flock is a
profitable flock”. I am very sure that you may have come across the saying or
it is something that you are totally familiar with. To keep a flock healthy, it
all starts with following the appropriate vaccination schedule.

Improved Indigenous chicken, also known us Improved Kienyeji
Chicken, have a number of benefits as compared to the ordinary indigenous
breed. Some of which include;

  • Faster growth rate – Reaches maturity in four to five months with the layers starting to lay eggs from the fifth month.
  • Resistant to most of the common diseases – they have stronger immunity to most of the common bird diseases as compared to the ordinary indigenous chicken.
  • Lower maintenance cost – improved kienyeji chicken feed on even kitchen waste. They can also be left to free range, thereby, reducing the cost of maintenance.
  • Lay many eggs – one chicken can lay up to two hundred eggs in its lifetime. Therefore, if you want to get into the business of producing eggs, this breed is the best.
  • Heavier and quality meat – Their meat is heavier, weighs up to three kilograms making it more profitable than the ordinary indigenous chicken.

Here is the thing, the profitability of improved kienyeji
chicken depends on the health of the flock. That is, if the flock is healthy:

  • You will not spend a lot of money in treating diseases.
  • The chicken will grow faster and reach maturity in no time.
  • The layers will lay many eggs
  • The chicken meat will be heavier and of high quality, fetching lots of profits.

To realize all these, you need to get the vaccination plan
right from day one.

Below is an improved indigenous chicken vaccination schedule. I have also included a PDF document that you can download for your use at the farm

improved indigenous chicken vaccination schedule

NOTE: Never vaccinate a sick chicken.

It is also important to note that these vaccines alone will not do the job. There are factors that you must take into consideration, and that is, proper feeding of your flock and keeping the farm clean at all times.

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And for the downloadable vaccination schedule for improved
indigenous chicken, complete the form below and I will have it delivered to you
via email.


Improved Indigenous Vaccination Schedule

Improved Indigenous Vaccination Schedule

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Once you have downloaded it, print a few copies and follow the vaccination plan. When selling your flock, you can always hand over the vaccination plan to the buyer. It will increase trust and credibility amongst your buyers.

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