Is Your Thermostat Set Too Low?

Does this sound familiar?
But unless you make a concerted effort and commitment to modify your inner thermostat setting will probably stay the same, your past story will last into the present and past.

Is Your Thermostat Set Too Low? 1
What would that be worth to you? How would your life’s situation alter?

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Of course this possibility would be tremendously favorable – not only in terms of financial gain, but concerning enjoyment, emotional health, personal development, and private achievement.

But what if you could make the desirable changes you search in your personal life or career, would you? What if you’d choose, pick, do it and reach your goals? What would the payoff be in case you really made this occur? How valuable would this be?

In his book “The Big Leap”, author Garry Hendricks writes that every one of us has an inner thermostat setting that decides just how much love, achievement, and creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy. As soon as we transcend our inner thermostat setting, we will frequently do something to undermine ourselves, inducing us to drop into the old, familiar zone where we feel protected.

As a private life strategy coach I’ve found that what influences your inner thermostat placing
the most are the beliefs you hold about yourself. Some of these beliefs are limiting – erroneous –  and – hold you back from enjoying all of the love, financial abundance, and imagination which ’s yours.

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