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Submission Guidelines

Please note the following rules:

  • You can apply below FREE of charge. You don’t have to pay anything for acceptance in either incubation or acceleration programs. Our review is also for FREE.
  • We only accept startups that are in IT field (software, internet or mobile).
  • Please make sure that you submit all of your files correctly. Any submission that is missing FasterCapital_submission.docx, Businss plan or LOGO will be neglected.
  • Make sure you fill the document FasterCapital_submission.docx accurately. Information marked in * are obligatory. Any submission not filling the document accurately will be neglected.
  • If you want to update your submission then you can submit another time. Just mark it please in the subject (i.e. 2nd submission)
  • Please read our main criteria for investment here.

Entrepreneur’s questionnaire

Please prepare the following before filling the form below:

  • Please download the file FasterCapital_submission.docx and fill it. Please note that all fields marked with * are necessary. You need to attach it later.
  • Please prepare photos of 500×500 for all cofounders and team members. All team members and founders should have also a linkedin profile.
  • Please make sure you have a business plan that includes SWOT analysis.
  • Please make sure you have a transparent high resolution logo of your startup: 2000×2000

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