Meet the ‘Maths Queen’ who wants to use mathematics to solve problems

Meet the 'Maths Queen' who wants to use mathematics to solve problems 1

Africa is gradually accepting that women in society can do more and one area of improvement has been in technology and mathematics.

While the most developed countries are well vested in the aforementioned areas, most females in Africa shy away.

Mathematics, particularly, is usually regarded as a very difficult subject for many people in this part of the world.

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However, that is not the case for Cameline Orlendo. The Kenyan national is a lover of maths, hence her nickname “Maths Queen”.

Not only does she embrace the subject, she also hopes to inspire other women to master maths and make impacts with it.

She mentors and teaches other women in Western Kenya and applies mathematics in solving problems in her hometown.

These include finding solutions to diseases, researching into its causes and developing long lasting solutions.

Cameline also teaches young people, more of whom are ladies, about coding and other principles of mathematics.

She explains how her interest for mathematics started, in an interview with Femafricmaths, a Facebook page dedicated to telling the stories of excelling ladies in the field of mathematics and related courses.

When I began doing maths we were learning the theoretical part of algebra but I think in my second year I came to realise that maths can be used to solve a lot of things in the world,” she said.

“It can solve things on field dynamics, it can solve things in biology and that is where my interest really is because where I come from there are a lot of diseases. Mostly in Africa we are more towards the control of it rather than trying to find out the origins and the scientific component of it and hence that can help us to really control the disease. I can guess it is a combination of my passion and background that drove me to do my studies in disease dynamics.”

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Cameline currently holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Glasgow, where she studied Applied Mathematics.

The Maths Queen’s thesis was aimed at finding out how the immune system of a sheep evolves towards an infection.

She has plans to visit some selected schools in Kenya to teach girls to appreciate mathematics and the courses better.

Over the last seven years, Cameline and some of her colleagues have been running a maths clinic for students in Senior High Schools (SHS).

With efforts like this, more Kenyan women are likely to be involved in mathematics in the near future.

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