Microcosmic Orbit Meditation For Healing

How to use ‘Chakras’ to heal – physically, emotionally, physiologically and psychologically

  • Many times we are sick from inside without knowing / acknowledging it
  • Many times we manifest physical or mental illness only when it has crossed a limit
  • Many times we resort to medication only to suppress symptoms, while root causes remain
  • Many times we pass over to hospitalization suddenly, for eminently preventable problems
  • For all of us, susceptible to any of the above, this knowledge / course is invaluable

The Microcosmic Orbit is an energy passage that feeds vital life force energy (Qi) to all the channels (meridians) of the body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Vedic practices from India, this Orbit is composed of the Governing and Conception Vessels, which operate as holding reservoirs of Qi / Prana / Ki. The Orbit passes over each energy receptor of the human energy anatomy, which means, by energizing this Orbit, we feed positive, abundant, beneficial, universal energy to every meridian within us. The consequence is, a thorough cleansing of our personal Qi and our overall energy system.

Since the cause of dis-ease – physical, emotional, physiological or psychological – is (in energy terms) the blocking / contamination / cesspooling of energy, the healing process is effected through diluting it with an abundance of universal energy. Once the capacity of the blockage is thus reduced, it becomes easier and easier to discharge the remnants with flowing Qi.

In this course, Sandeep Nath shows participants how to invoke this energy infusion on demand, at will. Any time. Any place. Without any other requirements. He provides a graduated meditative process of 7 stages for the complete beginner, and explains ‘how to mediate’ starting with a clean slate. Since he has had the benefit of learning from masters from across India, China, Tibet and Japan, he brings into this course an unmatched blend of foundational knowledge and practical application. Check out the videos to be sure for yourself.

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