Mommy is a Day Trader

Mommy is a Day Trader 1

Some mom’s sew, some cook, most tuck you in at night, but this mom is a mom with a difference, one who dreams of being one heck of a day trader, and it’s about doing whatever it takes to be the best possible mom.

Here’s her story…

One morning, I was deep in meditation, focusing on my Life’s Path when a
spirit guide appeared and told me I should consider becoming a day trader. 
laughed of course, aren’t intuitive meditations supposed to work the
opposite way around with deep insights on why you should drop everything and become a yogi… not a
day trader. 
“Well” my spirit guide went on “money is energy, and
you will be helping it to flow through trading” I guess that makes sense I
thought. I do have some experience over the past 15 years investing in
stocks… but day trading, that’s dangerous, practically gambling. “Only
because that’s what you were raised to believe” my spirit guide went on, “but if you study and educate yourself, you will see it’s a really great
way to work from home… just be smart about it”.

My mind was filled with
visions of being a work from home mom, and giving my fur kids the kind of
attention they need, especially my blind boy (I am a very proud mom of special
needs fur kids)… okay smarty pants, I said to my spirit guide, how do I raise
the funds I will need to become a full time day trader and stay at home mom? He
shrugged his shoulders, Ha! Stumped! I thought. 
However, later that night I had a very
strange dream… very strange indeed, where I dreamed I should find a
crowdfunding app to help me to raise the funds I would need. I guess the
universe is determined about this,
I thought to myself the next morning. 
So finally I decided to really look into it, to start, I
downloaded a demo trading app, took a course, read books and watched videos and
I discovered, hey I actually love this! I downloaded the Plus500 app, that way I could trade in real time with real market prices, and I have been enjoying myself so much!
And it’s something I seem to have a
natural knack for. Maybe the universe was right after all. With my trading demo app I
worked out the amount I would need to get started and be able to earn a decent
salary to support my family every month. I now have a trading plan and am ready to get
I was finally brave enough to launch a crowdfunding project on the Indiegogo app… and now I’m all set to go! I’m incredibly excited about this, and for the first time n my life, I feel as if I’m on the right path…
Mommy is a Day Trader 2

Here are some books we highly recommend for those considering becoming a day trader too…

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