3 Simple Ideas for More Positive Thinking in Your Life

Having constant negative thoughts pouring through your mind will quickly put a damper on your creativity, and tends to get in the way of realizing your true potential. While we all know that more positive thinking and being optimistic in our lives will help us find success, but many struggle to make the change from a negative to a positive mindset. Here are five simple keys to help you overcome negativity and change your life.

Recognize When You Need More Positive Thinking

Often, when we are being criticized, facing disappointment, or simply not interested in putting in the effort, we’ll use negative thoughts to protect ourselves. When we think negative thoughts, like “It won’t work,” or “I can’t do that,” we are permitting ourselves to play it safe. When you catch yourself thinking negatively and talking yourself out of action, take a step back and remind yourself that the most successful people faced failure. If you are talking yourself out of something that you want, take the time to make a list of why you want it. The list of positives will help to change your focus and keep you moving forward with less fear.

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Use Black and White Thinking

Many people will tell you to just “think positive.” However, it isn’t always that easy to do especially when you are stressed or under pressure. When you find yourself stuck in a cycle of negative thinking, or are terrified of a negative outcome, any positive thoughts you try to think often ring as untrue.

When you find yourself worrying about a negative result, take a piece of paper and pen and write down the worst thing that can happen. Then, write down the best thing that could happen. Then, think of some middle ground outcomes. When you create a variety of potential outcomes, you will become less emotional, which will help you think more clearly.

Remember that the worse thing seldom happen and the best things seldom happen, so your outcome will likely be in the middle somewhere. Using this approach will give you the two extremes and once you accept these two possibilities you will likely land between them.

Become an Observer of Your Thoughts

Doesn’t it always seem much easier to see and solve someone else’s problems than your own? You can recognize when your friend is getting all worked up over nothing, or that losing sleep over a meeting isn’t going to help. However, when it is your mind dealing with negative thoughts, it’s a lot tougher to see, stop it, and correct.

When you decide you want more positive thinking, you need to become more conscious of what you are thinking. When you can step back and analyze things as an observer, you will see a shift in your focus, and you’ll be more mindful of how you are looking at the situation.

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Two words that positive people remove from their language are the words; NEVER and ALWAYS. These two words are at the extremes of possibilities and are used by negatively inclined people. If you can avoid these words from your day to day speech it goes a long way to being more positive.

To say to someone; ‘you Never help me’, is likely an exaggeration or generality that is not 100% accurate. When you use generalized words like Never and Always you are leaving no room for positive thinking in your mind. You are going to the extreme and leaving no room for change.

Being able to focus more on more positive thinking will make you happier and more optimistic about your life. This will allow you to experience more joy and well-being. 

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