Motivational Life Quotes Video. Best Self Help Tips for Positive Attitude & Life

Hey friends today, I’m going to offer a quick motivational live quote, and I’m going to give you a Simple way that you can apply the wisdom and intention Within this quote to your life in a way that can help you squeeze more passion purpose productivity and fulfillment and happiness hopefully out of each day It’s true or should I say isn’t it true the great quotes become famous and Appreciated because they succinctly provide great wisdom comfort and/or advice Well today’s great quote comes from the you.

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Silly UCLA Bruins legendary former basketball coach John Wooden coach Rudin was voted by the International coaching Association as Being the single greatest coach of any and all sports for the entire 20th century UCLA is my undergraduate alma mater, and I have taught leadership at UCLA for several years or more now so I have a lot of history and affection for UCLA one of my favorite John Wooden quotes is as Profoundly instructional and wise as it is simple and brief in its words, and it goes Make each day your masterpiece What is a masterpiece? When we think of masterpieces don’t we typically think of brilliant legendary works of art?

Works from those greats that we call the great masters masters such as Michelangelo or Michelangelo, I don’t know how you’re supposed to say in his name Rembrandt or Impressionists like Monet Gauguin and Van Gogh or we might think of great and legendary bodies of music from again classics like Mozart Beethoven, Chopin Bach.

Masterpieces are creations of beauty that stand the test of time their legendary expressions of a passion for life and ones that move Many of us many people to find and experience with greater love greater peace joy the beauty and and the beauty in and of life Great meaning and fulfillment the Masters resonate with us on a deep and a fundamental level.

Now I bet if I ask most of you a few of you would believe that you have a masterpiece. Within you the few of you would I think? Believe that you have the potential to be a master But if this is true That you believe this I think you’re selling yourself short I think you grossly underestimate yourself now your masterpiece may be different but What is the definition of a masterpiece?

well, I’m gonna tell you you don’t have to look it up the first three definitions are number one a Masterpiece is a person’s greatest piece of work as in art number two a masterpiece is anything done with masterly skill and number three a Masterpiece is a consummate example of skill or excellence of any kind now with those definitions in mind I’m going to suggest that you sit down for 20 minutes or 30 minutes or better yet for 60 minutes.

Ask yourself several questions What is most important and meaningful to me is it my career my education my hobbies children artistic gifts my business Pick three things that mean the most to you in your life Pick one thing from each of three categories or three from one whatever is most important to you keep it simple though So for example I’d suggest you pick one thing from your personal life.

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Love family perhaps religion or friendship pick one thing from your professional life and Then pick one thing from it I’ll call your growth life, and you’re going to want to grow in your profession and personally too obviously But Internet intellectual growth educational growth anything That’s important to you and for each of these three things ask yourself What would me being and achieving as my highest possible self look like? And what would it sound like? And what would it feel like in here and in my gut what would it feel like?

Listen to your answers See your answers and feel them use your active creative imagination to see hear and feel yourself totally pushing past any modesty Any fear and any and all doubt See hear and feel yourself in each of the three scenarios one at a time not bungled together vividly intensely, Colorfully closely Passionately and actively see hear and feel yourself in your mind and body like you’re watching an active brilliant Movie as you would look sound and B while you are in your world-class two most brilliant legendary and masterful Self being and activities in each of these three things so throughout each day also Regularly ask yourself What would my greatest self do now in this instance? What would my legendary self say or do here my?

Masterful self feel and do here if you do these few short simple things you’ll soon find You’ve actively used your creative mind and brain and you’ve invested energy and action into what most Matters to you, so hopefully then other people will look back and find wisdom solace guidance in the way you live your days masterfully Resulting in a great life masterpiece that meant a lot So you have those few short steps number one lay back I suggest you meditate to calm and still your mind Then one at a time pick the three things that matter most to you Vividly see hear and feel yourself as in an active movie.

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You’re watching at a movie screen of you personifying Yourself being the master of these three most important things creating a brilliant master Again using myself as an example for clarity’s sake seeing myself on a movie screen Being a masterful father making a massive difference in my son’s life seeing it vividly closely brightly brilliant colors feeling the emotions for me that means in my chest of power of relevance of making a difference of connectivity of love of mattering so make each day make each moment your masterpiece .

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