The Art of Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is the art of facilitating people ́s potential development to reach possible goals and changes the Being and Doing. In this process, the coach helps people to clarify their goals, weather personal, professional, affective, etc., and to find a way to accomplish them. The Coach is a professional skilled on certain techniques and has communication skills and attitudes that make them skilled to perform his trainer role. It is a mutual relationship that comes along with you to solve your problems and act with more effectiveness.

The Coach works upon questions and dialogs, which added to the observation of behaviors, emotions and gestures of a person which give him information to detect the obstacles that make her slower. The Coach helps you to discover your potentialities and to use them in concrete actions. He works focusing on short term goals, by using powerful questions to discriminate your interpretation of the facts and changing your point of view, so as to take action in a proactive way.

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