Principle II. The Believer: Faith – Designovation

Principle II. The Believer: Faith – Designovation 1

Hand in hand with the ‘Spirit’ is the ‘Believer’ it is only with belief, faith and self belief that anything can ever be achieved. Some of us have been bestowed with this natural attribute of faith which is often formed by our individual upbringing or early experiences. For the rest of us it is a quality that must be diligently practiced and mastered. To truly create anything noteworthy or unique we must begin with the capacity to believe in possibilities;

One must be willing to believe anything is possible

Ultimately you must believe before you can conceive or achieve anything. For anything new to exist you must have faith & confidence in what others have not yet thought possible. It is a quality easily accepted by children but often the greatest challenge to adults. Through out history individuals of great achievement have either inherited or mastered this skill. They have inherited their faith through a higher source, nurtured self confidence, education or practiced skill. Some have mastered belief through conquering a great fear and obstacle, others from a deep seated self determination to succeed motivated by a great love or inspired hero or heroine. Ultimately everything starts with the power of ones emotional experiences and references in life.

Self Belief

For those lacking in self belief one of the greatest examples of how to adopt self belief is through the example of our traditional religions. Amongst all faiths and denominations it is plainly understood that to instil faith one must capture an individual’s early imagination. This is achieved with ancestral stories of inspiring figures of scripture and history motivated by the rewards of Heaven or the fear of Hell combined with the repeated rituals of prayer, the sacraments, liturgy and hymns. The same simple principles can be applied to develop the skill of faith. The more focus we give a thought or idea either through physical experience, practice or thinking the greater chance it will have to form into our belief system. And in turn will be easier for our brain to accept as new ideas, beliefs or concepts.

Surround yourself with believers

The most confident of individuals in life are those loved unconditionally and supported at an early age through success and failure by a loving parent, grand parent or mentor. For this same reason it is essential that you choose wisely your most intimate personal and professional friends. Their positivity or negativity, encouragement or discouragement will greatly influence and impact on your choices and beliefs. Even the most confident of individuals needs the reassurance and support of others. Well meaning friends with limiting aspirations and thinking will not support your self belief but hinder your momentum and quash your optimism.

Test your beliefs

Life is a journey of memorable experiences both good and bad of success and failure. The greatest test of what we believe cannot always be taught through lessons but more valuably through testing those beliefs in real life. One should not be afraid to test our beliefs and make mistakes, this is how we truly learn and grow. The greatest approach to conquering our limitations is in facing them head on. Through both personal success and failure we can at least form our own indelible beliefs. Every master of history will testify that no one has ever achieved anything noteworthy without first experiencing numerous lessons of temporary failure or defeat.


For those who sense a lack of faith or self belief one must begin with the tools of self suggestion through a simple positive question that commits intention and asks the brain to provide the solution to achieving a single objective………………….

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