Self-Coaching Essentials

Elite athletes and top executives understand the importance of coaching as a means of achieving exceptional results. Coaches hold you accountable, support goal-setting, and encourage you to maintain discipline. But can you coach yourself?

This book illustrates proven concepts which you can use to propel yourself to higher levels of personal and professional success through a process of self-coaching. As you read through the book, you will find various exercises to support you in establishing a strategy for your career and for your life.

You will also find FREE VIDEO SUPPLEMENTS for every chapter on to support you along the way: – Establishing and emphasizing strengths, rather than weaknesses – Formulating your personal and professional value proposition (“your story”) – Identifying elephant-sized goals – Building systematic strategies to conquer your goals – Fostering robust creativity levels – Managing fear and ensuring a winner’s mindset – Savoring your experiences along the way Let this book serve as your personal coach to unlock the power within you to accomplish more than you thought possible.

Self Coaching system training
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