Self-Esteem Can Boost your Self-Confidence and Expand Your Life Experience 

How do you feel about yourself? Did you know that answering that simple question gives you powerful information about how rich of a life you live? Some people are very happy to live a simple existence. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. In many cases though, the inquisitive and exploring nature of the human brain means that people want to get the most out of their lives by being exposed to multiple experiences and realities. 
This is why the travel industry will always generate billions and billions of dollars. People strive to learn and know more about the world they live in and the people that inhabit that world. 
One simple way to boost your life experience if you feel like you are stuck in the doldrums is to enjoy a better opinion of yourself. High self‐esteem gives you positive feelings about who you are and what you can do. The more positively you view yourself, the more likely you are to take on new experiences or tasks.  

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This elevates your self‐confidence, and when you enjoy high self‐esteem, whether you fail or succeed at anything, you appreciate the fact that you made an effort. 

boost your self-esteem

Consequently, high levels of confidence which come from healthy self‐esteem work to improve your self‐esteem even more. This is a wonderful cycle of mental health and well‐being that begins with you simply recognizing that you are a being that is worthy of recognition. 
When you understand that you are uniquely valuable and important, no matter who you are or what you do, you enjoy the self‐esteem and self‐confidence needed to expand your horizons. Even if you usually enjoy limited exposure to other people and experiences, you may find yourself realizing surprising feelings of positivity and self‐awareness when you reach out to the world. 

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There Has To Be Something More 

Have you ever questioned your purpose in life? Do you ever think that there must be something more to your existence than what you are currently experiencing? 
A 2017 study showed that approximately 2 out of every 3 adults in the United States consider themselves spiritual. You see individuals pushing themselves to achieve new personal bests in physical endeavors all the time. We all strive to have the healthiest, most fulfilling relationships.  
Physically, mentally and spiritually our needs as human beings to always be exploring and achieving new heights are linked to healthy levels of self‐esteem. 
Give yourself credit for being an amazing individual that deserves a high level of self‐esteem simply for existing. This will boost the self‐confidence required to explore new experiences and realities that can expand who you are as a human being.

Our Unique Path in Life

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When you think about it, there is nobody more responsible for how you feel than yourself. You can decide to focus on nothing but your negatives, or you can recognize the upside of being you. This is good news, because it means you can improve a poor mood any time simply by feeling better about yourself. The following tip may help you with building your self‐esteem when it has taken a hit, when you need a mental or emotional boost. 

Eat Some Chocolate 
Be careful here. This is not a free license to pig out on some unhealthy, highly processed candy bars or 2,000 calorie desserts. The self‐esteem boosting move here is to eat some natural dark chocolate, without added sugar, preservatives and other ingredients. The chemicals in dark chocolate cause the same reaction in your brain that you experience when you feel loved and appreciated. 
Studies show you only need to eat two or three small pieces of dark chocolate to boost your self‐esteem and feelings of overall well‐being. 


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