Success and Goal Achievement – Do you have a Big Enough Reason?

Success and Goal Achievement

Today you’ll be learning about personal motivation and I will try to help you determine your key motivational factors and give you tools to help.

In order to be successful in achieving your goal … any goal, it is very important for you to start thinking about your motivation behind what you are doing.

success and goal achievement

In order to successful in life and achieve your goals, you need to know WHY you want what you want. And not only that, you have to have a BIG ENOUGH reason.

If you’re not motivated or failed to follow through in the past, it may be because you need to DREAM BIGGER! You need to anchor your goal to something big.

It’s a Perfect Day to Get Things Done

“It’s a perfect day to get things done. To write that proposal. To enroll in that course. To act on that idea. To buy those flowers. To go for that run. To make that call. To book that holiday. What makes today so perfect? It’s all that we have.”

You want to achieve your goal(s) … it is not just something you’d “like” to do… it’s not a preference… it’s not even a dream… it has to be MUST in your life!

Always Ask yourself the Greater Question

I am asking you to dig deep and make sure you have a true understanding of the REAL reasons you want to reach your goals and be more successful.

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The following is an example of a time I helped someone get to the core of their true motivations. You are not looking for the obvious or surface level reasons;

I am pushing you to go deep into your motivation!

A student in one of my classes once told me, “I can’t wait to go home and start using these efficiency techniques to make my work more effective and productive.”

So I asked, “Well, why do you want to be more productive?”

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The student said that it would help her to get a promotion at work. I asked her why she would want a promotion and she said “So I can get a raise.”

So I asked again, “Why do you want a raise” and she said “Because I need the money to buy a larger home”.

So I asked “Why?” and she says because I want my mother and handicapped brother to move in with me”. “Why?” “Because it has been our dream to own a big house together and live together as a family.”

Then I said … “Good, NOW you have identified what you really want. It’s a large house with your family living with you. You don’t really want to be more efficient. What you want is the experience of having your family living with you.”

When you look at the real goal of this person you will see that there may be different ways to reach this ultimate goal. If you look at the end goal you want to achieve you will find various ways of getting their. So if you fail to become more efficient there may still be another way to get to this end goal.

I have seen so many people fail because they get stuck in one place without understanding their real end goal. There are always a few ways to get to the bigger goals in life. We often just have to look deeper to determine how to get there.

So I would like you do to an exercise with me.

The Exercise: Finding your Big Reason

I am asking you to dig deep and make sure you have a true understanding of the REAL reasons you want to reach your goals. I want you to think about just one goal when you go through this exercise. You can do this activity for each of your goals. On a piece of paper write down your goal.

What is your goal – write it down!


Then write down why you want to achieve it?

Once you have that completed; ask yourself what outcome are you thinking about that makes you desire it?


Then write down why you want that?


Dig a little deeper and ask yourself why you want it?


Go deeper again … Why?


Ask yourself again … Why?

Continue to ask yourself WHY until you get to the core reason you desire your goal. Once you get to that point you will find more ways of getting to this end goal … your big reason.

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