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My 93-year-old grandmother was a teenager when the Nazis showed up at her door in Poland. She ended up working on a German farm where, thankfully, the family treated her well until the war was over. It would take another 50 years for her to make it back to Poland.

My grandfather was a soldier in the Polish army and was captured by the Russians. He escaped — only to be later captured by the Nazis.

Miraculously, they both survived and met in West Germany after the war. My mother was 4 years old (the same age my own daughter is today) when they came to America.

When I first heard of Edith Eger, I was of course curious about her story. At 90 years old, she just released The Choice: Embrace the Possible. The book is a treasure of lessons from a woman who turned her pain into a powerful gift to heal others.

I found myself highlighting many powerful lessons in the book.

If you only read one book this year, consider hers. And if you also find it helpful, leave her a review on Amazon.

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