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Do you happen to experience a toxic aura throughout your day? Maybe you’re just an average person dealing with everyday environmental nuisance or an easy-to-go grad student enjoying your fair share of party life.

Without proper care, we all fall victim to toxins. From screwing up job interviews to increased depression, toxification is to blame for a number of unwanted events.

Thankfully, by taking care of our bodies in a sound way, we can not only detox ourselves but also reduce future toxification naturally. A length of self-control equipped with healthy lifestyle choices can help you detox pretty easily. Fast detox methods are also available involving prescription drugs and such. However, we’ll try to stick with natural ways to detox for today.

1. Healthy means Fresh, and Clean

One of the most common ways toxins enter into our system is through food consumption. It’s a fact that fried and processed foods are far more vulnerable to the accumulation of toxins than fresh green veggies. No matter how much you try to eat healthily, diets high in such compounds will always increase your chance of toxification.

The best way to mitigate such risks is to add extra green items in your diets and decreasing fried, processed, refined, or packaged foods as much as possible.

When deciding what fruits to buy or what salad to make always make sure the items are pesticide free. Incorporating fresh and clean foods in your diet will undoubtedly aid the detoxification of your body.

2. Drink more Water, More!

Although many may find this silly, increasing your water intake can seriously help detox your body. Moreover, it’s arguably one of the easiest and more natural remedies of detoxification.

In simpleton terms, the more you drink water, the more your urination rate increases. And as you urinate more frequently, the majority of toxic compounds are flushed out of your body.


People who like to live a retro lifestyle may find this a charm as it will help them get across monthly urine test at the office quite easily.

Try to drink around 4-5 liters of water a day. Drinking more water will not only purify your physical system but also improve skin tone, hair follicles, and stamina.

3. Try Fasting for a Change

Fasting in between off-days can help you detox your body significantly. You do not need to do this regularly. Once a week or maybe every ten days should be good enough.

If you think you are feeling too stressed during a fasting session, take small doses of green fruits or vegetables at regular intervals. Believe us; you don’t want to go from a hungry Neanderthal to berserk Homer Simpson.


Your gut will be relieved significantly, and you’ll feel much lighter after fasting for a single day. It will increase your appetite and help you realize how to stick with healthy lifestyle choices. On the plus side, most people will feel a boost in energy due to the improved blood sugar control and decreased inflammation fasting brings.

4. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can help you detox much quicker than you may think. It not only allows you to maintain a healthy life but also strengthens the muscles, burns calories, and releases more endorphin.

When exercising, your body gets stretched, and more blood circulates throughout the body, resulting in stronger defense mechanisms that will keep many harmful toxins out of the bay.


Scheduled exercises, followed with massive water intakes will enable your body to detox much faster than most other ways to detox.

Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend hours in the gym. Walking for thirty mere minutes each morning before the office can help you break free daily monotonies quite easily. Moreover, adding fresh fruits and extra water to your diet will reduce toxification levels.

5. Take a Glass of Vegetable Juice

Drinking a glass of freshly prepared vegetable juice can help you detox your body at ease. Vegetable juices enable us to maintain the alkalinity of our body. Moreover, drinking them every day will result in an improved liver that can detox toxic compounds much faster than you may anticipate.

Experts have found cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli to enhance the phase II detoxification in the liver greatly. On the plus side, drinking vegetable juices encourage us to maintain a healthy lifestyle, filling our diets with lots of greenery.

To get the most out of your vegetable juice, we suggest you stick to organic fruits rather than consumer grades.

The Bottom Line

As it should be clear to you already, sticking to a healthy lifestyle filled with proper exercises is more than enough to detox your body naturally. Adding some extra water intake and vegetable juices can aid to this for faster detoxification. If you look carefully, you’ll find most health and fitness professionals agreeing with our suggestions.

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