Unconsciousness can be very dangerous if you don’t get instant medication


Unconsciousness can be very dangerous if you don’t get instant medication. Most people forget to understand it as epilepsy, and some people raise the problem by churning them out of fear of superstition. Some experts are giving information about different aspects of unconsciousness and its treatment.

Being unconscious is known as a syndrome in therapeutic language. The American Heart Association calls the synopt a temporary unconsciousness, which is caused by inadequate blood flow to the brain. This happens when the heart leaves the brain to pump enough oxygen.

Unconsciousness mostly seen in case of old age person

For some time there are frequent cases of unconsciousness, but the problem arises, when we consider it as epilepsy and go to the neurologist. Actually, the correct information, the lack of awareness, are the main reasons for the problem of unconsciousness. You should know that the reason for unconsciousness is the irregular condition of heartbeat and therefore it is important that you go to a heart specialist after not having a neurologist. When the condition of irregular heartbeat is very slow, the victim is unable to walk and becomes unconscious. At the same time, his life can be in danger even in the heart of the heartbeat.

Although most of the victims of unconscious condition are more than sixty years old. Although people of early age and even children may have a problem of fainting, but those who have suffered heart attacks with coronary artery disease, congenital heart defects, ventricular disfunction, they may be more at risk. Actually, due to the syndrome, a sudden heart attack can occur. If the heartbeat is not treated on time, it can be extremely fatal.

The common way of investigating unconsciousness is electrocardiography

The common way of investigating unconsciousness is electrocardiography (ECG). Blood sugar and blood count can also be monitored in the blood. Depending on the findings, it may be necessary to assess the severity of the problem and to have a comprehensive cardiac assessment.

How to treat person in case of unconsciousness condition

It is also treated with lifestyle changes and medicines. Although all this depends on the severity of the medical situation. Treatment of syndrome depends on the fact that what is the reason for it.

Most people do not know what kind of doctor they should go to if they get unconscious. Usually, people will soon contact the neurologist. If you do not get an experienced cardiologist then you can also meet physician. By the way, cardiac electrophysiologists have the exact treatment of unconsciousness. They consult with ECG tax treatment. They make your slow heart rate regular from pacemakers by applying a pacemaker.
Drink plenty of water

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If you drink plenty of water, then you can avoid the danger of unconsciousness. Most people drink tea, coffee, cold drinks, green tea and other body dehydrate. If you can not drink more water, take lemonade, buttermilk, lassi etc. in place of drinking tea and coffee and various cold drinks so that the body can keep hydrate.

The most important thing in unconsciousness is to know how to prevent this problem from becoming a major disease or a major threat. Remember, unconsciousness is of two types. First, those who are not heart patients can have this problem. Secondly those who are heart patients. Cardiac patients may be at greater risk of unconsciousness. So if you know that you are a heart patient and you have become unconscious, then take it seriously.
If you are unconscious when you see a crowd or someone taking blood sample, avoid such situations or situations. Patients with diabetes should be cautious about cardiovascular disease.

Symptoms need to be notices before unconsciousness:

If unconsciousness is coming then the skin becomes yellow. Pulsations start abnormal. The weakness feels very much. The head becomes heavy and starts to melt. Sweat starts coming a lot.

Patients of Cinocop should consult a doctor regarding driving, doing certain types of work.
Things to remember
1. When you are unconscious, write about it in a diary about date and day, so that when you consult with the doctor again, keep them informed in this context.
2. If you have chest pain, breathe, contact the doctor immediately. Especially when, after suffering from heart disease
3. Keep the person fainting from the head above the head, leading to better flow of blood in the brain.


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