Uncovering your core beliefs and identity

Today we would like to talk to you about your core beliefs and how you’re, staying with them. Your whole life first way we learn, is through first-hand experience.

If you don’t know that is like touching a stove uncovering these core identities and beliefs. We are going to be going deep into the self most of what we learn comes from second hand. Experience not first hand experience, because we give up our frame of reality and the way you filter this second hand.

Uncovering your core beliefs and identityExperience is by looking at number one how certain somebody is number two: how aligned or congruent they are remember to go back to mind control and that we instinctively resist anything that threatens what we believe to be true.

So if somebody is in line with our inner dialogue, we will give up our frame of reality to them, and then the third thing is how much authority do they have? If you look behind me, I have a bookcase and a little vaseline, because I like to solo, cultivate as well and as we are forming these core beliefs and poor assumptions about who we are as a child coming into this world.

You click quickly, get your bearings and, while doing so, you assume these different beliefs and assumptions about yourself, and not only do you assume these beliefs and assumptions, but you take them on as your core identity, and this runs well into your adult life.

Let us take an example of say, love say: your parents are always fighting all the time and then you say you’ve, never been in love before this must be love. You know, people fighting and people arguing all the time.

So then, you unconsciously take on these beliefs and assumptions as your identity and you attract people based off of your identity and your magnetic magnetic negativity, because your RAS reticular activation system, your brain, what you believe is valuable or fearful.

You then attract. If you’re somebody that is negative all the times, you simply will not see somebody of high value as high value, because you don’t, resonate with high value. You resonate with negativity, so I hope you learned something today. Source : Youtube

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