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Update Coaching Model for business 

Contemporary Business Coaching Model Silvia CorlazzoliFrom a personal point of view, being contemporary means living in the present, leaving behind what is old from the past, putting on clothes that make us feel better, and looking at the future with new lenses. It encompasses leaving behind the old labels, discovering our new triggers and challenges, embracing them, working on with them with renewed freshness, energy, and moving forward.

Thanks to coaching, I have discovered how to be contemporary with myself, my values, and my roles.

I can confidently say I am now more refreshed, updated, and upgraded.

Why Update?

I called this model “Update” because updating was the key to my process and that of my clients. As probably noted, the Update coaching model has two key active principles:

INNOVATION, emanates from interaction, is intentional, and produces an impact.

I have had the opportunity to work with and observe various innovation processes used today in different innovative realities and I have realized that these processes have some things in common, namely identifying the desired goal, the dream, and breaking it down into the smallest possible pieces. Making this first small piecemeal, through actions, continuous learning, redefinition, and then repeat, until the objective is achieved.

Through the innovation of oneself, this coaching model supports people to define their dreams or goals and to reach them by the force of small but continuous actions, learning and defining the next step, and action, until the moment of the final celebration. This will have an impact that will generate energy and a new mindset, which will lead to an Upgrade.

ENERGY, the other key active principle.

In the process of changing, and achieving new goals and desires, there is energy invested and energy generated.

Learning to understand one’s own energy, being able to increase it, preserve and moderate it according to the moment and the needs, is extremely powerful.

As an UPDATE of oneself, the energy is invested in the right amount and there is a good return in terms of speed, fun, efficiency, and performance.

Being ready to catch the momentum, taking that jump to change, releases new energy. Being more aware of how to use it, with what intent, and repeating the path sets off the drive to upgrade.

There are at least three energy levels to play with: the energy of the client, the energy of the session, and that of the coaching journey between the client and the coach.

 How Does The Update Model Work?

The Update model has 6 steps:

update Contemporary Business Coaching Model

  • DEFINE the goal, the dream.
  • CONNECT to oneself, understand oneself, identify what works and what to change, and recognize one’s own resources.
  • IDEATE the possible options and solutions with all the senses at disposal.
  • PLAN the smallest thing to start doing and think about when to do it, how, with what resources, who or what can support it, and how to overcome possible obstacles.
  • ACT Do it. Push the button.
  • LEARN to measure progress based on what works, what doesn’t, how to use the new learnings, and awareness.

And then, do it again until the final celebration.

The Update model supports the clients in getting updated to become contemporary so that they can be themselves at their full potential.

I like the Update model because it reflects the values that I share, such as the importance of being connected with oneself, the importance, and the strength of the first small step and how much one learns in the field by doing and by experimenting on oneself.

“Tell me and I will forget. Show me, and I will probably forget it again. Let me do it, let me experience it and I will understand, remember and learn”.

That’s my mantra and coaching suits me perfectly as I want to share the same philosophy with my clients.

I will share some exercises that enable one to learn how to recognize, measure, and use energy. The core is being able to recognize what gives and what takes energy, which people give, and which ones take energy, at what times of the day are energies consumed or empowered, also what events, conversations, place, physical movements, sports or even materials give and take energy from us.

Learning to use momentum energy.

This is a topic I will continue to work on and explore.

What Will I Do As A Coach?

In the early stages, it will be important to build trust, which is the basis of a good relationship.

I will help people to gain clarity, by getting in touch with themselves, their values, their wishes, and their resources.

I will act as a mirror, and challenge clients to go beyond what is on the surface, to see what they cannot see for themselves, with different lenses, to unveil the veil of Maya.

Support them in defining the first step so that it can become reality.

I will also be with them to recognize their progress, to understand what works and what does not work and what needs to be changed.

I will support them in the process of refreshing, updating, and upgrading themselves.

I will be there, present as a deep listener who is curious, authentic, and even funny.


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