Why CONTINUOUS LEARNING Is Important To Small Business

I’m, often asked by people, what can they do either at a personal level, or certainly at an organizational level to ensure that their company continues to grow?  It’s, a great question, because if you are not future fit, you are not going to have much of a future.

To that the simple answer is you need to be agile? You need to be nimble, you need to be willing to change at a moment’s notice, and that change is not just a strategic change. It actually is a cultural adaptability at a DNA level of your organization to cope with whatever the changes in strategy or direction. Let me be clear one of the most important things it takes to be successful into the future is to have a continuous learning organization.

Why CONTINUOUS LEARNING Is Important To Small Business 1I’m, not talking about the proliferation of a lot of training courses and training programs. Of course, those are important to have a place. I’m talking about an attitude, a mindset that is open always to learning behavioral, psychologists and BF.

Education is what survives when what has been taught, has been forgotten. The role of continuous learning is a mindset that says we are going to be open to continuous learning at every single juncture.

Within our business we’re, going to ask questions. We’re, going to be comfortable with open-ended questions, and what that does. Is it window into a behavioral mindset and attitude that then, opens you up to be an adaptive organization.

If adaptive leadership is about continuous learning learning, what the problem is learning what the solution is and then, of course involving all the stakeholders and applying it solution. You can see clearly how important it is to be a learning organization.

I don’t think there’s, anything more critical and if you were to say; give me one thing that we can do in order to ensure that we are a future fit company. My answer would be well, then you need to be a learning company. Source : Youtube

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