WHY the Royal Investor Club?

Screenshot 2019-03-26 at 15.01.14The Royal Investor Club is the promotional name used on Social media for an exclusive private investment company called R.C.O. and to become a member of R.C.O. you will need to be invited by an existing member.

R.C.O has designed a new and unique program that allows smaller investors to participate in Real Estate Investment and other projects without having to individually come up with entire development or purchase amount. The membership allows members to earn money by leveraging the entire membership base.

R.C.O was established in 2014 as the investment business of an undisputed leader in the real estate industry in America. This real estate company, which is still privately owned, was started in 1977 and to date has successfully completed multi-million dollar projects in Mexico and America, including 10 residential condominium developments totalling 450,000 square meters. In addition to this, they build private homes in excess of $1,2 Million and participate as construction partners in high-end shopping centres like the recently launched $250 Million Punto Valle – Town Center in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Monterrey, Mexico. This year (2019) the company will be starting development for the first time outside of America, with a three year project in Dubai and another project starting in London in 2020.

How does the investment work? As an investor, you will get a 50% return on your investment during your 6-month contract. This means if you invest $1000, for 5 months you will be paid 10% ($100) each month, giving you a total profit of 50% ($500) and in the sixth month, you can choose to re-invest your money or get your capital back.

Why does this company need my money? Neither R.C.O. or the company need your money. If they did they would have been promoting and advertising this opportunity online so that potentially millions could join. But instead, they keep this as an exclusive club where you and your friends can participate and in turn become financially free.

Where does my investment go? Your investment is split between 5 activities of the R.C.O. company: Property Development, Amazon e-commerce (financing the acquisition of high-demand, fast-moving items), Precious Metals (Gold), High Return Investments in the Cayman Islands & Switzerland, and in their latest addition – the chartering of private jets and helicopters.

How does R.C.O. make a profit and in turn how can they offer members the profits that they do? The function of R.C.O. is to make a profit for all its members, and it is backed by the property development company started in 1977. All investment monies are pooled together and invested. Therefore you benefit from leveraging off this main pooled investment and profits are distributed to the members and the R.C.O. company. Currently, the company is making you 10 cents in the Dollar on a monthly basis, and it is the company’s function to make money for you the member, and for the company. Therefore, as an example, they may make 14 cents in the dollar of which 10 cents is shared with you, so the company makes 4 cents for every dollar you invested. Let’s assume that one million dollars have been invested, and following the above example, that would equal an additional $40,000 monthly or $480,000 annually for the company.

Is my investment secure? Yes, absolutely. The real estate development company provides the backing and surety for your investment capital. In the extremely unlikely event of R.C.O. not being able to pay you your projected profit, your initial capital will be returned to you.

For more information, please click on the link or send me a message. Your opportunity to earn 50% profit

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