Freelancing is something you’re just starting to consider. Maybe you’ve, taken the leap and have just started at full-time or maybe even freelancing for years. Whatever your situation, maybe we all encounter moments where we’re, not sure how to better our business and keep moving forward.

First off is important to set goals for yourself and your business and to review them weekly. Did you create a business plan before starting your business, if so, take time to review and reflect on it? If you haven’t don’t feel like you need to create a formal document, but at least take some time to sit down and type out your business’s, missions, values, goals and strategies to attaining those goals.

Why You Really Need PERSONAL GOALS AND BUSINESS GOALS 1As you’re, the one running your business and in many cases the only one running all your business operations. It’s, important to place focus on yourself as well, since you are the brains behind your business and the one making all the decisions, it would be beneficial to create the same business plan, but for yourself, which I call the personal plan, this personal Plan document will lay out your personal mission, values and goals and set strategies on how to achieve them.

There may be some things here that will overlap with your business plan. For example, your business plan will include marketing strategies and if marketing is not your strong point, you will need to figure out a strategy on how to execute on this, which may mean hiring a marketing expert, but it can also mean learning the right marketing practices for Your business and implementing them yourself, a large part of this plan, should focus on you, such as your well being physically and mentally.

Is there something you love doing? That makes you happy that you can pursue as a hobby look at which areas of your life you want to improve, could be health, love, family, etc. Look at why you want to improve it and, more importantly, how you can improve and what you actually do to improve it.

Ok, I guess this video went a little deeper than I anticipated, but the main point is to take time to reflect on both yourself and your business and set goals on the areas which you feel need improvement.

I encourage you all to take a few minutes right now to think about what areas of your personal life and your business that you want to improve think about what ways that they can be better and the steps that you can take in order to improve them. Source : Youtube

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