Your TRUTH Model

A Coaching Model By Audrey Bolo, Career Coach, KENYA

Your TRUTH Model, Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations

This model can support coaching conversations for clients navigating transitions in both their personal and professional lives. Whether they are considering a new job, a promotion, or starting a business. Moving to a new country, starting a new relationship, or planning a marriage.

Change: an external event that occurs.

Transition: an inner psychological process to come to terms with change.

All change that a client needs to navigate feels personal, and how they navigate the transition should ideally be guided by their truth.

Essential Meaning Of Truth

  1. The real facts about somethingthe things that are true are you telling (me) the truth? At some point, you have to face the simple/hard/honest/plain/naked truth that we failed.
  2. The quality or state of being true there’s no truth in anything he says. [=nothing he says is true] I doubt the truth of their accusations. [=I doubt that their accusations are true] Her story contains a grain/kernel of truth, but also lots of exaggeration.
  3. A statement or idea that is true or accepted as true

TRUTH Audrey Bolo Coaching ModelThis model is described from the perspective of a client.

Trust Yourself

Trust that you have all that you need to decide what’s best for you. You are creative, whole, and capable of making decisions that will serve you.

Questions for a coach to consider:

  • “What good decisions have you made recently?”
  • “How did that make you feel?”
  • “What do those good decisions tell you about yourself?”
  • “What have you learned from past transitions?”
  • “How can you use those lessons in this transition?”

Reflect on Your Current Situation

Reflect on what the situation is and what you want from it.

Questions for a coach to consider:

  • “What outcome do you want in this situation?
  • “What makes this situation important right now?”
  • “What would success look like in this situation?”
  • “How does this situation make you feel?”
  • “What do these feelings tell you about your situation?”

Your TRUTH Model 1Unpack What Is Important

Understand who you are, what you value, what your beliefs and perspectives are in this situation. Unpack the factors that might impact you and what is important to you.

Questions for a coach to consider:

  • What do these feelings tell you about yourself?
  • What values are showing up in this situation?
  • What impact is the change having on you?
  • What is the connection between this change and your beliefs?
  • How is your current situation impacting your decisions?

Tackle How You Will Move Forward

Decide what you need to address first and what action you want to tackle.

Questions for a coach to consider:

  • “What do you need to resolve first to achieve your goal?”
  • “How do you want to move forward?”
  • “What is the first step you can take?”
  • “How does that step make you feel?”
  • “How can you support that step?”

Honor Your Process

Commit to and honor whatever actions, perspectives, or feelings you have reflected on. Commit to how you want to move forward. Understand that managing transition is a process, and you are charting your way forward, so you need to give yourself time and space to navigate through it.

Questions for a coach to consider:

  • “What can keep you accountable?”
  • “What might get in your way?”
  • ‘What are you learning about yourself?”
  • “How can you use this lesson in the future?”
  • “How can you honor your progress?”

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